Brighten up spring celebrations with DIY party decorations and favors

DIY Party Decorations

This season is filled with reasons to celebrate—graduations, confirmations, Mother’s Day, baby showers and (not least) the arrival of sunny skies and daffodils. So settle on a good excuse to throw a spring gathering, then raid your recycling bins, craft-supply closet and local thrift shop to make some DIY party decorations that are as delightful as they are economical! It’s fast, simple and fun to transform newspaper, tissue paper, scraps of fabric, and old cans and jars into flowers, vases, place holders and even table linens. And you get to pat yourself on the back for throwing a party that’s green in more ways than one.

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DIY Party Decorations: Paper Flower Chandeliers

Paper flower chandeliers

Hang these whimsical paper blossoms above your dining table, buffet table or sideboard to create a playful focal point for any party or springtime gathering.

Watch this fun video from Hallmark Photo Stylist Erin Martinez to learn how to make this pretty party paper craft, then download the Paper Flower Chandelier instructions and template to make your own.

DIY Party Decorations: Budding Branches

Budding branches

Cut out the flower templates and leaf templates in varying sizes and trace them onto tissue or newspaper. Cut out a bunch and glue onto bare branches from your yard. Pop two or three branches in a vase for a simply delightful party decoration. To make our green vase, we cleaned out an old clear juice bottle, poured in a bit of latex paint and swirled it so that the interior was covered with a thin coat. Pour out any excess paint and allow the vase to dry. Watch the how-to video from Hallmark Photo Stylist Erin Martinez for simple step-by-step instructions, then download the templates below to make your own budding branches centerpiece perfect for any springtime celebration.


DIY Party Decorations: Floral Napkin Rings

Floral napkin rings

These blooming napkin rings double as brooches that guests can wear home.

Download the Floral Napkin Rings instructions and template

DIY Party Decorations: Pretty Party Place Settings

Pretty party place settings

Pick up mismatched plates from a thrift shop or an inexpensive home store. Create napkins from squares of plain linen fabric (use pinking shears to cut), tie with a ribbon and add a floral napkin ring.

Tip: Make place settings feel more playful by combining solids and patterns, sizes and shapes. To tie the table together visually, use matching napkin rings and place holders.

DIY Party Decorations: Petite Place Holders

Petite place holders

Clean out tiny baby food, honey or condiment jars and stamp with guests’ names for place holders that can turn into party favors at the end of an event. For the grass base, cut a rectangular piece of tissue paper long enough to fit around the jar (with about a quarter inch of overlap), fold it in half lengthwise twice and cut tiny v’s about halfway down along one edge. Unfold and wrap around the jar. Secure with a dab of craft glue and allow to dry. Add water and a fresh flower—cut so that it will sit just above the lip of the container. Watch the how-to video from Hallmark Photo Stylist Erin Martinez for more helpful tips and tricks.

DIY Party Decorations: Recycled Can Collection Centerpiece

Recycled can collection centerpiece

To create this stylish centerpiece, wash out an assortment of cans from the recycling bin and paint the outside of each one with acrylic or latex paint. Allow to dry. Cut a piece of decorative wrapping or scrapbook paper to wrap around the middle of the cans. Secure with glue or double-sided tape and embellish with a length of twine or thin rope. Fill some cans with flowers (like tulip and ranunculus) and plant herbs in others (you’ll want to lay an inch of gravel in the bottom for drainage before filling with soil). Remember to keep the look casual and charming. Watch the video tutorial from Hallmark Photo Stylist Erin Martinez to learn how to create this simple craft, then gather up the goods to make your own for party decorations, hostess gifts or just to brighten up a table or windowsill—they’re perfect for springtime.

DIY Party Decorations: Leaf Garland

Leaf garland

Make multiple strands to hang in a window or in front of a mirror. Print out the leaf template once at full size and once slightly reduced. Trace each template onto a small stack of tissue paper in one or two shades of green. Cut out the leaves and punch a hole in the top center of each one. Thread a pair of leaves onto one end of a length of ribbon and tie a knot. Continue threading pairs onto the ribbon the same way every 4 inches until you reach the opposite end.

DIY Party Decorations: That's a Wrap Party Favors

That's a wrap party favors

Use scraps of decorative paper, brown paper bags or newspaper to wrap take-home party favors. Embellish using twine, leaves cut from corrugated cardboard or even a length of thin rope.