The joy of sprigs!

Celebrate spring blooms with simply stunning DIY flower arrangements

Hallmark staff
DIY Flower Arrangements @hallmarkstores @hallmarkstoresIdeas

It’s such a delight to see the first hyacinths or tulips gradually bud, then flower. How could you not want to have them inside, brightening your home? But rather than buying or cutting an armful, celebrate each bloom with a simple arrangement using pretty containers you already have. Click through the slideshow below to get inspired by some simply stunning flower arrangements by the Hallmark Photo Studio—less really can be so much more! And don't miss our tips on how to make your flowers last longer.

  • Buy local flowers at your farmers’ market to get plants at their seasonal peak. They are likely to be of a higher quality—and they’re certainly fresher since they won’t have spent days in transit.
  • Wash your container with warm soapy water to remove any debris or bacteria, which can quickly compromise the health of your buds.
  • Fill your containers with lukewarm water, which will enter the stems more rapidly than cool water.
  • Cut the base of your flowers under water on a sharp diagonal to help water penetrate the length of the stem.
  • Trim off any leaves or shoots on the part of the stem that will fall below the waterline. Submerged leaves attract bacteria and can contaminate the water.
  • Take special care to avoid air-locks, which form especially easily in flowers with hollow stems (tulips, for instance). When you finish cutting a stem, immediately turn it upside down and fill it with warm water. Then plug the end of the stem with your thumb as you place it into a water-filled container.
  • Add natural flower food by putting two tablespoons of lemon juice or white vinegar in each quart of water. The acids also help kill any bacteria that find their way into your vase.
  • Cooler rooms (or even the fridge) can provide a nighttime respite for your flowers. Try to keep them away from heat-radiating appliances like televisions and computers.