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40+ Must-Have Baby Photos

40+ must-have baby photos

You can’t stop taking baby photos—and you’re convinced your little one is the most well documented infant in the history of ever. If you’d like a little extra inspiration for different ways to capture your tiny muse, we’ve got it. Here are our favorite 40+ gotta-get-em, too-cute-for-words, must-have baby photos.

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Baby’s people  

Take pictures of Baby with…
Happy family at home
Family members
Best friends
Look-alike family member

Baby top to toe  

Teeny tiny feet
Little bitty fingers
Profile pic with chubby cheeks
Smooshy arms and legs
Bare bottom
Diaper model

Baby toes closeup - 40+ must-have baby photos

Baby’s favorites  

Snuggling with lovey
Playing with a toy
Giggling with pets
Hanging with friends
Covered in favorite food

Everyday with baby  

Kisses with Mommy
Napping with Daddy
Bath time
Full-belly smile
Gummy grin
Silly giggles
Out and about
First foods
Making faces
In the crib
Tummy time
All dressed up
Sleeping sweetly

Changing seasons  

Month-by-month photos
Laying in the grass
Sniffing a flower
Dressed for the pool
Beach baby
Holding a leaf
First Halloween
Bundled up for winter
Wearing only a Santa hat will be back up soon

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