100+ teacher appreciation gift ideas to say “thanks for all you do!”

An illustration of a teacher's desk; on top of the desk is a stack of textbooks with a globe on top, a cup full of pencils and pens, and an apple; behind the desk is a chalkboard with a written message that reads,

In 6th grade, my homeroom teacher made us illustrated, laminated bookmarks—each one a custom collage of our interests, complete with a yarn ball on top. They were so cool—I kept that thing for years! But wait, shouldn’t WE have given HER a gift instead?

Now we know better! Whether your child is a well-behaved model student or a bit of a challenge, there are so many reasons to thank teachers for their patience, resilience and positive energy. Let alone for all the wonderful things they do throughout the school year!

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Day (and Week!), here’s a wide-ranging compilation of all the teacher appreciation gift ideas you could ever need to help you find the perfect shoutout for any kind of instructor, mentor, coach or role model.

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Know what kind of teacher appreciation gift you’re hunting for? Use the links below to jump right to the sections you’re interested in.

Daycare teacher appreciation gift ideas  

Anyone with a kid in daycare (or anyone who’s seen Toy Story 3) knows about the mild pandemonium that happens in even the nicest, chillest daycares. Our daycare teachers wade into that light chaos voluntarily every day to make our lil ones feel safe and cared for when work and other obligations keep us away. This list would qualify as the least we could do!

  • Blissful sounds. Noise-canceling headphones or earbuds, for use during naptimes, of course! 🙂
  • Therapeutic words. Give them an easy way to channel some of their unexpressed thoughts with a cool journal, like this hardcover notebook.
  • Gift cards. Don’t overthink this one. It could be for anything: a spa, meal delivery service, the movies, etc.
  • Stay hydrated. It’s tough keeping ourselves properly H2O’d while keeping up with littles, so a customizable water bottle or this water jug are good gifts.
  • Make it smell better. Daycare life can be an aromatically challenging one, so why not add some more pleasing scents to their day? Like a wickless candle or natural oatmeal or vanilla lotion.
  • Make it look nicer. Daycare life can also be a messy one, so how about a gift basket filled with cleaning-themed things, like natural wipes, good-smelling soaps and sanitizers, laundry pens or even a cleaning service for their own home?
  • Ahh, me time. Give something that says “spa day” like a cooling eye mask, lavender neck wrap, fuzzy slippers (maybe these?) and a robe they can relax in after a long day/week/month/year.
  • Ahh, springtime. Celebrate the start of planting season with a gift card to a local greenhouse or nursery, or gift them an indoor herb-garden kit with tiny terra cotta pots.
  • Ahh, nuts. Allergies often prevent teachers from enjoying almonds, pecans or cashews in class. Give them a fun sampler to take home, possibly even the pricey kinds you don’t normally buy for yourself.
  • Crossbody bag. Always handy. Especially when chasing after toddlers means you’re constantly on the go.
  • Mini coffeemaker. Not everyone wants whatever medium roast the group in the break room is brewing. Get them their own one-cup coffee maker or single-serving tea kettle.
  • Grown-up games. The kids have plenty of their own fun stuff, so how about a grown-up activity book for easy sketching or with a bunch of word games?
  • Toys for these tots. Notice any classic toy they might not already have enough of, and/or the kids have trouble sharing? Like alphabet blocks or cars and trucks? They might appreciate having an additional set.
  • Give ’em a hand. If you know the other parents well enough, you could organize a personalized book of all the kids’ handprints, or as many as you can wrangle.

Preschool and kindergarten teacher appreciation gift ideas  

Preschool and kindergarten are the years when we (forgive the buzzword-y phrasing) set them up for success. So basically, these teachers spend their time and energy every day trying to give our kids a brighter, better future! This is the bare minimum of ways we could think of to say thanks. Sensing a common theme here? 

  • Recess time! When the kiddos are outside, sometimes you need a little help keeping things together, so try a scarf with a zip enclosure for their phone, keys, badge, etc.
  • Quiet time. How about a pair of noise-canceling headphones? For use at home, of course. 🙂
  • Keep it together. A gift basket that could include anything on the organizational tip, from cute hair ties to this 3-pack of note pads to a gift card from a container-focused store.
  • Movie night. Haven’t they seen enough movies about singing snails or whatever? Give them a gift card for the closest multiplex or indie theater. Or microwave popcorn, theater snacks and soda for the “I’d rather stream something at home” kinda nights.
  • A little relief. This is one of those “kidding/not kidding” kinds of gifts—an industrial-sized bottle of headache meds.
  • Catch the moment. Gift an instant camera to capture all those end-of-year memories with nostalgic flair.
  • Just my mug. If you’re going with something expected like a coffee/tea mug, add a personal element with this single letter monogram. We have a bunch of ideas for turning mugs into cute gift bundles here!
  • Comforts of home. Give them something to enjoy a relaxing evening or weekend with, like nice candles or wax melts, a self-care basket with balms and lotions, a heated neck wrap or essential oils with a diffuser.
  • Act local. Grab them a gift card from your favorite local coffee shop, bakery or bookstore.
  • Go big. Also, nothing wrong with defaulting to a gift card for a big box store, home goods store, dollar store or one of the big online merchants to let them pick from a huge variety of things.
  • Pop culture T-shirt. Do you know one of their favorite shows or movies? Get them a T-shirt featuring a quote or main character. (Psst…lots more pop culture gift ideas here!)
  • Duly noted. Stickers are fun if they’re a stickers kinda person, and stationery sets are handy if they’re a note-writing kinda person, so if they’re both, why not combine them with this set?

Elementary teacher appreciation gift ideas  

As our kids go through the “reading, writing, arithmetic” years, there’s often a homeroom teacher who students know as their “base” every day. But grade school is when we start seeing the real influence of a cross-section of teachers with specific expertise, as the kids venture out of homeroom to do science experiments, take math proficiency exams, go on field trips, etc. So, more folks to thank, yes, but lots of opportunities to do so in fun, specific ways! 

  • Art from the heart. Ask your child to paint or draw something that represents their gratitude, then pair it with something like this “spread good deeds” card.
  • Adventure times. Did your kid’s teacher take the class on fun field trips? Then here are the perfect socks, featuring the Beagle Scout troop.
  • For the playground. When it’s a little rainy outside but not enough to keep them inside for recess, here’s another Snoopy-themed idea, a Beagle Scout umbrella with case.
  • Game night. What are the two or three games you play the most at home, with the kids or with the grown-ups? Pick one of those and roll the dice, so to speak. How well do you know them? If the answer is pretty well, you could even pick one of the PG-13 games.
  • Simply beautiful. These displayable figurines say it all—here’s one about learning, this one specifically says thank you, and then this one with the apple kinda makes fun use of a common teaching icon.
  • Mini fridge. If the school allows them and they don’t already have one, a mini fridge is dang delightful to have around for beverages, lunch bags, leftovers or snacks.
  • Crunch time. Speaking of snacks, are they more of a chip or popcorn person? Can’t go wrong there.
  • Simply said. For their desk, we love the simplicity of this wooden quote sign.
  • Jot it down. Find out what their favorite type of pen is (medium-tip gel? ballpoint?) and get them several or a variety of colors in that type. Or one of these elegant options in pink peony or blue marble. And if you feel like splurging for a Star Wars™ fan, this Millennium Falcon™ desk accessory with pen.
  • The right notes. For a choir or band teacher, how about a music shop gift card?
  • Go time. Mini backpack filled with travel-sized goodies and maybe a travel journal for whatever time away they might have planned over the summer, even if it’s just a day trip.
  • Soft landing. How about a comfy cushion for the desk chair? Or a massaging back pad? And if you’re feeling spendy, a foot-massaging machine for under the desk!

High school teacher appreciation gift ideas  

Unlike daycare, daily pandemonium in high school is driven by the fact that you’re putting a ton of teenagers, aka “Almost Adults,” in one place every day. That means lots of high jinks, some colorful language, clubs, sports, activities, some romance, phones, social media…and they’re driving, too! So many things happening at once. It can add a lot of emotional weight and baggage to an already tough time of life, and our high school teachers are experts at navigating this period! Here are some teacher appreciation gift ideas to thank them for that:

  • Hallmark + Venmo = win! The only thing better than a card is a card with money in it. And in this case, the money can go right into their Venmo account! This “thumbs up” card, for example, could be just the right delivery system for any amount you can gather, whether it’s just from you or the whole class.
  • Local lit. Get them a nice hardcover of a favorite (or could-be-a-new-favorite) book from a local bookstore. Don’t know what to pick? Go with a gift card or the gift of an audiobook service subscription.
  • Go green. Pick a nice indoor plant or mini tree for their home/office. Might seem like a no-brainer but isn’t that a good thing when you’re…stumped?
  • Embracing individuality. Celebrate the fact that your teacher does great work in acknowledging each student’s unique self with this card.
  • Recipe for goodness. Whip up your go-to homemade treats and then include the actual recipe in a gorgeous card like this, or this personalized and punny card that lets you add a photo.
  • Easy-peasy snackies. No time to make anything? Grab a variety of snacks or some nice chocolates and add a simple card like this one.
  • The gift of clean. Anyone who knows a high school teacher will tell you that basic cleaning supplies (tissue boxes, wipes, sanitizers, air fresheners) are often sorely needed at the end of the year, since the contributions from parents for those things tend to taper off a bit as the kiddos get older.
  • Ahh, me time. Something to help with a chill-down moment, like a gift card for spa/massage or a meditation app subscription service. You might sense that giving them easy ways to relax away from school is a recurring theme here, as it should be for a profession as tough as this one.
  • Night in. A meal-prep service gift card = simple and universally enjoyed. Or, depending on how tough the year was—or if they’re dealing with something extra difficult—maybe pool resources with other parents and set up a meal train.
  • Night out. The me time doesn’t have to be indoors. For the extrovert, try a gift basket for a night on the town with gift cards to local eateries, theater companies, tours, museums or performance venues, paired with one for a ride-sharing app.
  • Night out with friends. See if you can pool your resources with some other parents to get a large group gift card, or several smaller ones, to a restaurant or wine bar where a group of colleagues could gather. They can sip, relax and maybe vent just a bit about some things.
  • Adjust the temp. Does the school blast the AC? Or are they just naturally cold all the time? How about getting them a nice lap blanket?
  • We’re big fans. For a teacher who’s also a coach, how about tickets to the closest college or professional team’s next home game? A gift card to a local merch store would also be a great idea.

College mentor or professor appreciation gift ideas  

Here we have Actual Adults™, but ones who still benefit from the wisdom and experience that professors, TAs, RAs, mentors and advisers can offer. Including everything from where to find your dorm room during freshman year to where and how to apply for a job that’s right for you once you graduate. Here are just a few college mentor or professor teacher appreciation gift ideas to say thanks for that wide range of assistance.  

  • That’s lit. Are there any particular books that the used in class, a talented new author’s work or a piece of classic literature, something that you had great conversations about? Maybe you could find a special edition or signed copy?
  • Go green. Again, this is kind of an easy and obvious one, but it’s hard to go wrong with a nice indoor plant for their home or office environments, fern or succulent, etc.
  • Go, fight, win, eat! Arrange for a local bakery to drop off a sweet treat to their office or department.
  • Campus merch. Sure, they already get a discount from the bookstore, but they don’t have unlimited funds to buy things in there. So treat them to a gift card at the shop, coffee hangout, etc.
  • Set it down. How about a set of marble or agate coasters? Always useful, and it has more of that “from one grown-up to another” kind of vibe.
  • Toast the year. A gift card to a local liquor store, a bottle of something they’ll be sure to enjoy or a subscription to a wine box site. (See above “grown-up to grown-up” thing.)
  • Wise words. A displayable sentiment/gift for their office, something more sweet and sincere like this or something a little more funny and possibly in-jokey like this.
  • Purposely awkward performance? How well do you know the members of the university’s choir? How about drama majors or the improv troupe? Some kind of sing-a-gram? You could ask any or all of the above to show up during a class and sing or perform a custom lil ditty just for them, to make them laugh and obviously cringe a bit.

Food and beverage teacher appreciation gift ideas  

These next few categories will focus on the kinds of gifts that could work across various types and levels of the profession. And we’re starting with food and drink teacher appreciation gift ideas because…hey, who doesn’t like to eat and drink stuff? If they aren’t meat eaters, they like fruits and veggies. If they aren’t coffee people, they like tea. The point is, there are so many food-and-beverage-themed gifts to choose from. This is just a quick sampling. 

  • Home sweet home. Homemade candies like wafers, chocolate-covered pretzels or peppermints.
  • Kernels of wisdom. Giving your teacher a sampler with various popcorn flavors? That’s just smart.
  • Tea time. Not everyone who likes tea has a loose-leaf tea holder or an infuser. And for the pre-bagged teas, how about a traveling tea wallet?
  • Coffee combo. A sampler of local coffees of varying roast levels.
  • Chocolate combo. A sampler of fancy chocolates, either from a local chocolatier or just the grocery store.
  • Best of both worlds: Chocolate-covered espresso beans!
  • On the go. Anyone who likes travel mugs either has one they love that’s going to get old and break sometime soon, or one they hate and would love to replace. Try this one with a lovely thought on it or this schmancy one. Again: here are those mug gifting ideas!
  • Home for the night. A gift card to a food delivery service for one of those nights when they just don’t feel like making something or going out to get something.
  • Snack time. A store-bought or homemade snack mix, with or without nuts, depending on allergies.
  • In the bag. A gift card to their favorite local grocery store, market, etc.
  • Eat local. A fruit or vegetable basket from a local farmer’s market or treats from a local bakery.
  • Best teacher ever. Is that a verifiable fact? Doesn’t really matter, does it? No one’s gonna fact-check this wine glass! But if that hyperbole gives you pause, there’s an alternative. Again, however they’d like to fill it later, that’s up to them and OK by us! =)
  • Perfect pairing? This charm with age-old teacher symbolism goes nicely with this stemless contour glass.

Clever or funny teacher appreciation gift ideas  

We spend so much time talking about class clowns that we sometimes lose sight of the fact that it’s often the teachers themselves who are the true class clowns. Maybe they like sophisticated, intellectual humor; maybe they love silly wordplay or dorky dad jokes. Regardless, here are some fun teacher appreciation gift ideas that lean on the jokier side of things: 

  • Mug season. OK. We know the mug is a little “been there, done that.” But honestly, if you’re a coffee or tea drinker yourself, can you ever really have enough mugs? Of course not…don’t be silly. Or in this case, DO be silly. Like with this mug featuring an extremely narrow window for complaints.
  • Really, it’s fine! if you want to go from light to dark humor, because of *gestures at everything*…how about this dumpster fire mug? And hey, there are matching socks, too!
  • Holey card! Do they love puns and wordplay? Pair any gift with this “thanks a hole punch” card.
  • Cheers without beers. How about a pint glass like this but filled with candy or something else non-alcoholic? Because hey, we’re only implying or suggesting things here. Your teacher can use the glass for whatever they want later on!
  • Quiet down, class! How some fancy noise-canceling headphones? To use at home, obviously. 😀
  • Let it go! A paper shredder would let them dramatically dispose of their least favorite lesson plans, etc., from the semester…or to just kind of symbolically, cathartically let go of the year that was.
  • Forever apple. Can you crochet or cross-stich? Then make them an apple that will last a lifetime. Pair with a self-aware quote about the seeds of learning or a pun like “core curriculum.”
  • BS bingo! Make a board that includes a space for the most commonly used excuses about homework. Things like “couldn’t find backpack” or “forgot to set alarm.” Include a small, wrapped gift that they get to open when they finally get a bingo!
  • Rant journal. You know, just in case they need to vent a bit about certain situations or people in a non-digital, old-school kinda way, to help them work through their feelings. Not a “Burn Book” so much as a “Learn Book.”
  • Cliche alert. Get them something typically or historically worn by educators, like a wood-bead necklace or a thrift store tweed jacket with leather elbow patches and a pipe. Then pair it with something real, like a gift card.
  • Quite a statement. Write them a standard five-paragraph persuasive essay that supports the central thesis that they’re the best teacher/professor/mentor ever.
  • What do you meme? Make them a collection (existing or one you create yourself) of school-themed jokes and visual humor/memes.

Unique and creative teacher appreciation gift ideas  

Whether it’s a teacher with a unique specialty or simply a unique personality, traditional gifts might not feel like quite enough. You want to honor their individuality and celebrate the ways they helped you foster your own! Here are a few suggestions for unique teacher appreciation gifts that do exactly that:

  • Green thumb. Does your teacher like to garden? May is the perfect time of year for new shrubs and flowers! It’s also just a great time for gifting house plants or anything green. Not sure what they’d like? Get them a small gift card to your fave local garden center.
  • Bright idea. For outside, a twinkle lamp or decorative solar light/character for the garden. For inside, rechargeable, flameless candles.
  • Low maintenance. For a teacher who likes the greenhouse kinda thing but wouldn’t want to be assigned the “homework” of watering something, try a potted faux plant. This one literally says “thanks for helping me grow.” Come on, that’s adorable. Or this one—same idea but more general.
  • Bejeweled. If you know the teacher well enough, you could try find a classy brooch for a coat or a necklace with their first or last initial. Add a travel jewelry case for good measure!
  • Make it theirs! Get them a personalized shirt, blanket or pair of socks that features a photo of their pet(s). Or a personalized stamp that features one of their most familiar catchphrases. You could even poll the class or other students who formed a good connection with the teacher for input.
  • Book bouquet. Start with stems, greenery and floral paper from a floral shop, add a few titles that they’d enjoy, then wrap it all up and tie it with a ribbon.
  • Cool collage. Print out versions of words meaning “gratitude” and “appreciation” from languages all over the world and make a fun, artsy mashup with them.
  • Subscribe vibe. Is there anything you can’t get a subscription for these days? Pick anything from a favorite magazine to a beloved regional snack to have delivered. Voila, regular reminders of one of their favorite students.
  • Scribble in style. Do they like to write by hand? Consider this classy, simple yet heartfelt approach to a stationery set. Add some well-made pens for even more of a class factor.
  • Celestially cheesy. Have a star named after them to celebrate all the bright kids they’ve taught. It’s not that difficult to do since it’s not exactly official.
  • That’s the ticket! Consider getting them a subject-specific pass to something they’d like—a city tour for a history teacher, a day at the museum for a science teacher, a concert for a music teacher, a gallery opening for an art teacher, a play for a drama teacher, etc.
  • Unleash your thanks. For the canine-loving teacher, pair this card with some fun doggo toys. Or you can get breed-specific, if you want, like with this pair of wiener dog socks!
  • Feline fest. But we can’t ignore the cat lovers. How about these kitty-themed socks?


Simple DIY teacher appreciation gift ideas  

Don’t worry, when we say “do it yourself” in this context, we’re not talking about making a tiny panoramic replica of their desk at school (although that would be super cool). We’re just talking about straightforward and relatively painless DIY teacher appreciation gift ideas that have that extra little zhuzh of personalized flair, easy ways to show them you know them and know that they’d appreciate the extra time you spent on them.

  • Make your mark. With enough planning time—about a week in advance to give things time to set—you can go to your nearest ceramic art cafe-type place and “make” a cool bowl, platter or cup. (Okay, paint, but still.)
  • Best teacher ever. Ask your child to draw their own take on a special award for their teacher and frame whatever comes out of that process.
  • You name it. Make them a unique name tag that they can wear (or not) for all of Teacher Appreciation Week. Be as playful as you want! Examples: Ms. Atchison, Queen of the Art Room.
  • So say we all. Why not send around a giant thank-you card (like this one or this adorable one with a smol dog holding a huge bouquet) and get little handwritten notes from as many parents or fellow students as you can.
  • Top 10 list. Take some time with your kid and brainstorm a list of your favorite moments from the school year, whether they’re hilarious or heartfelt or both.
  • Top 10 list, platinum edition. Similar to the idea above, but hand out fill-in-the-blank sheets to all the parents on the down-low and have their kids write in their fave moments, then collect them and have them spiral-bound as a class gift!


Useful or handy teacher appreciation gift ideas  

Is your favorite teacher more of a pragmatic type who doesn’t really groove on sentimental stuff or things with bells and whistles? Maybe it’s a shop teacher who knows everything there is to know about tools. Or the yearbook adviser who used to work in journalism and loves to listen to myth-busting podcasts. Point is, this teacher might want something that’s a little more useful or handy to have around. Well, look no further than these teacher appreciation gift ideas!

  • Bag it. Standard-issue laptop bags can be terrible: too clunky, not enough pockets, etc. Look for the most practical one you can find.
  • A place for stuff. Gotta love the simple practicability of this pencil-themed trinket dish.
  • A card for everything. How many times have we all had to search through various piles to find one of the unused birthday cards that we just KNOW we have somewhere? This card organizer solves that forever.
  • Daily perk. We mentioned other mugs in our funny section above, but maybe your teacher isn’t the jokey type…in which case, check out this delightful mug.
  • Heat it up. An electric kettle provides a quick way to make tea in the classroom.
  • Charge it up. Everyone loses chargers, so having extras is never a bad thing.
  • Light it up. Mini book lamps are so handy when you don’t have adequate light source nearby!
  • Mini fridge. Enough said! (As long as they’re allowed in the classroom.) You could even have some fun stocking it with their favorite snacks and classroom-appropriate beverages.
  • Hydration station. Who can’t use a decent water bottle, especially when it has a little encouraging thought on it like this one or this one?
  • Get it together. A small storage cube and a basic supply kit, which would work just as well at home as it would at work.
  • Wait, what was it? Nothing like a simple set of sticky notes or a classic note pad like this to keep us from forgetting, you know, that one thing.
  • Lunch break. Does your teacher have a nice lunch box with reusable utensils? You know what to do!
  • Dinner time. Get them some restaurant gift cards. This is great for year-end, when there are a lot of tests and papers to grade and they’re probably short on time to cook.


Last-minute or easy teacher appreciation gift ideas  

“Oh crap, it’s Teacher Appreciation Day…today???” We’ve all been there before, and we’ll all be there again. But don’t worry! Waiting until the last second doesn’t have to mean your shoutout feels rushed or underthought. Here are a few quick teacher appreciation gift ideas, from practical to fun, that will make teachers feel like they’re seen and acknowledged for the worthwhile work they do every day:

  • Sweet and simple. Gift them a box of chocolates or other treats, either from the store or a local bakery.
  • Bottoms up. If your teacher isn’t a teetotaler, they’d likely very much appreciate a (stealthily delivered) bottle of something they might not normally buy for themselves, like some nice wine, top-shelf whiskey or a fancy microbrew.
  • All tied up. Surely there’s a place in town that has pre-made gift baskets with a cool blend of local products, right? Pick a small or reasonably sized one.
  • eCard = free card. No time to make it to a store? You can send your favorite teacher one of these as quickly as you can type words of thanks into your phone.
  • Hit the gas. Give them a gift card to a gas station convenience store, because have you seen the many wonders in there?
  • Clean up their act. Car wash gift cards can be a good idea, too. Especially since kids are notorious for finger-writing on dusty cars.
  • Ooh, spicy! Anyone who enjoys all things pepper would love to have an array of small hot sauces of various brands and heat levels.
  • Gift aisle. And while you’re in the grocery store, pop into their seasonal or gift aisles. There are always some randomly fun ideas in there.
  • Step outside. See those pretty flowers in your garden? Trim some of them and put them in a simple vase from a craft store.
  • Baked goods. Who’s gonna decline a lovely plate of homemade cookies? (Presuming there aren’t any allergies or dietary considerations.)
  • Travel trinket. Pair something synonymous with summer vacation, like a cool seashell, with a “thanks for everything and have an amazing summer” kind of message to create a small gift with some yearbook-style flair.


Inexpensive or free teacher appreciation gift ideas  

Summer’s approaching, vacation plans might be on the books or in the works and it’s been a looooong school year. One of picking up random tabs for that one math or library book they lost, tickets to games, a team or club fundraiser…not to mention your other regular household expenses. Therefore, budgets might be pretty tight! If that’s your situation and you’re in need of a cheap or free teacher appreciation gift idea, here you go:

  • Just a note? Totes! Sitting down and taking five minutes to write something personal, from the heart, from you and your child, can be an incredibly meaningful gesture all by itself. If you want to know what they value most in messages like those, here are some quotes from actual teachers.
  • Your dash. Why not bring them a coffee or other morning beverage when dropping off your child, or a favorite afternoon snack when picking them up?
  • Homemade treats. You probably already have ingredients in your kitchen somewhere for brownies, cookies or cupcakes. Bake ’em and take ’em!
  • Fun size. Bring them a value bag of candy and mention specifically, jokingly, that it’s for them and NOT to be used as rewards for students (they probably do enough of that already!).
  • Act local. Find the nearest farmer’s market and make them a small basket of fresh fruit, veggies or herbs.
  • A plant divided. You know that succulent that’s getting too big for its planter? Take a cutting of it, replant and voila!
  • Happy flowers. Cut a few from your garden and make a small bouquet in a canning jar with a friendly note attached to the top.
  • Raise your hand. Just like old times, only as an adult! In this sense, we mean putting your hand up to help with any task that needs doing in their classroom—something time-consuming that they’d love to offload.
  • Pieces of flair. You don’t have to work at Chotchkie’s to display enthusiasm on your outfit. (Or are you more of a PJ Calamity’s fan?) Anyway, how about a few fun pins or buttons for their ID lanyard?
  • ’Tis the season. Thrifted seasonal decor to use around holidays (fall, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, spring, etc.) in the classroom, if they don’t already have a good stash of things like that.

Hopefully this list of teacher appreciation gift ideas passed the test for helpfulness! There are so many choices and versions of choices to consider here, but the main thing to remember is that if it’s coming from you and/or you child, it’s coming from the heart. And any gesture of gratitude, no matter how extravagant or simple, will be loved by any teacher who truly cares about what they do.

So don’t feel too much pressure to get this 100%, A+ correct. You can pass with flying colors with just about any genuine expression of sincere appreciation.


Looking for more gifting inspo? Here you go!