Free printable classroom posters to brighten the school day

Our three free printable classroom posters are printed and lay on a cork tile next to a pair of scissors with white handles; the posters read,

Are you a teacher, or do you know a great teacher? (Um, who doesn’t?) Here’s a simple way to encourage kindness and confidence in their classrooms: download these free printable classroom posters created especially for teachers!

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A free printable classroom poster that's designed in paper collage style and reads,

Turning positive words into inspiring posters  

When it comes to goals in the classroom, learning is obviously number one. But building positivity and spreading kindness makes learning a whole lot easier.

So Hallmark artist Lynn G. made these posters to help teachers do just that! To create these free downloadable classroom posters, she used a collage technique with cut paper. We love how colorful and playful they are—it makes them really fun to look at, which hopefully helps kids keep their messages top of mind.

A woman smiles as she pins a free printable classroom poster to a corkboard; the poster is made in paper collage style and reads,

Get your free inspirational classroom (or any room) posters  

  • Download your own PDF copies! 
  • Use card stock and a color printer for the best results. Each poster is 11×17 inches, so you’ll want to use tabloid-size card stock if you can find it.
  • Can’t find tabloid card stock? Simply download the design and print it at 71% size to fit it on an 8×10” piece of card stock.
  • Want to turn one of these posters into a gift for your favorite teacher? Again, print it at 71% size and it’ll fit right into any 8×10” frame.



A woman's hands piece together a paper collage poster that reads,

Make your own collage-style posters in the classroom  

Turn this into an art project for all your students with the following steps:

  • Have kids think of an inspiring phrase they’d like to collage, or have a list of short, positive phrases they can pick their favorite from.
  • Give everyone a piece of white 11×17” paper to serve as their poster.
  • Then pass out fun, colored construction paper to help make their posters pop.
  • Ask students to draw the letters individually on different colors of paper and carefully cut them out. If that’s a little too advanced, they can always cut the letters or words out of old magazines, then cut out fun shapes and backgrounds from the construction paper to add color to the posters.
  • Have them arrange the letters and words on the piece of white 11×17” paper.
  • Once they’re happy with how everything looks, they can grab some glue sticks and get everything glued in place!
  • Finally, they can use markers and paint to add fun details. Encourage them to use little scraps from cutting out their letters to decorate their poster, too!



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