Stars and sweets shortcakes

Stars and Sweets Shortcakes Recipe

The traditional flag cake gets an oh-so-easy update with this creative arrangement of individual shortcakes and a variety of summery toppings. Our simple Stars and Sweets Shortcake recipe is the perfect choice for hosts who would rather wield a sparkler than a kitchen utensil. You can even recruit the kids to help create this red-white-and-blue 4th of July dessert.

Yield: 15 to 30 servings

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30 store-bought shortcake dessert cups
1 tub of store-bought whipped topping
1 lb. blueberries, washed
1 lb. raspberries, washed


  1. Lay out the shortcakes in a rectangle with 6 across and 5 down.
  2. Starting from the top, left to right, fill 3 cups with blueberries and then 3 with raspberries.
  3. For the next row, fill 3 with blueberries and 3 with whipped topping.
  4. Then for the third row, fill 3 with blueberries and 3 with raspberries.
  5. For the fourth row, fill 6 with whipped topping. For the fifth row, fill 6 with raspberries.
  6. Top the blueberry shortcakes with an additional dollop of whipped topping. Serve additional berries and whipped topping on the side.