5th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Fifth anniversary gifts

Traditional: Wood

Modern: Silverware

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For spouses

Get in tune with nature and each other by taking a hike in the woods on the day of your anniversary.

Give your favorite picture in a wood picture frame or an anniversary-themed sentiment on mounted on wood.


If you have a yard, plant a tree. Over the years, you can watch it grow.

Have a potting shed or toolshed built for your gardener or handy person!

For another couple

What couple couldn’t use some extra cash? Here’s a creative way to give it: Crumple up fresh dollar bills to look like lettuce and put them in a wooden salad bowl.

Give game night a new flair with a block-stacking game like Jenga.

Consider giving them a birdhouse. Even better—look for one they can build together.


Don’t forget card! Because cards are paper and paper comes from wood. 😉

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