Play with your food: baby shower food ideas

Baby Shower Food Ideas

A baby shower—the sweetest reason ever for a party. Shower the parents-to-be with some aww-inspiring treats that are surprisingly easy to create. Marshmallow rattles are quick, baby-size sweets. Little strawberry tarts shaped like diapers are sure to get a giggle from your guests, especially when paired with pastel-hued fruit smoothies served in mini milk bottles. Fluffy cloud cookies made from prepared dough and icing look professionally made in minutes—package them up and send them off with guests as a sweet reminder of the day (raindrop treat tags included). For a savory addition to the table, make this alphabet block cheese spread with spicy blackberry sauce.

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Marshmallow rattles

Shake, rattle and roll with these easy and adorable additions to your treat table.

Diaper Strawberry Tarts

Diaper tarts

These little pastries are sure to be the first thing to go!

Alphabet Cheese Ball With Spicy Blackberry Sauce Recipe

ABC cheeseball with spicy blackberry sauce

This crave-worthy cheeseball and its spicy sidekick are as easy as ABC to make.

Fluffy Cloud Sugar Cookies

Fluffy cloud cookies

These fanciful cookies are so easy to make they’ll have you dancing on air.

Berry smoothies

Whip up these sweet little pastel drinks and serve with diaper tarts or fluffy cloud cookies at dessert time.

Jennifer Fujita

Jennifer is a Hallmark writer and culinary student who is always on the hunt for new, easy recipes for celebrating the holidays and seasons.