Marshmallow rattle

This Marshmallow Rattle dessert recipe will be the hit of your baby shower food buffet. The easy-to-make recipe features marshmallows, candy melts and candy sprinkles. Insert a swizzle stick into each marshmallow and shake, rattle and roll your way to adorable baby shower treats. These marshmallow treats are sure to add charm to any baby shower or baby celebration and delight any new parents or parents-to-be.

Yield: 20 rattles

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20 long swizzle sticks or drink stirrers
20 large marshmallows
1 bag of candy melts in color of your choice
White candy sprinkles
3½ yd. of ½-in.-wide ribbon
Nuts or candy for serving (optional)


  1. Insert a swizzle stick into the center of each marshmallow (but don’t poke it all the way through).
  2. Pour candy melts into a microwave safe bowl and melt candy in the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds.
  3. When candy is melted, dip each marshmallow in the melted candy, using a spoon, if needed, to cover the entire marshmallow. Gently tap off excess candy, and then dip marshmallow into bowl of sprinkles, covering all sides.
  4. Place finished marshmallows onto waxed paper or muffin liners to set.
  5. When marshmallows are cool, cut 6-inch lengths of ribbon. Wrap each rattle with a piece of ribbon and make a bow just at the base of the marshmallow.
  6. For serving, you can place rattles swizzle-stick-side-down in a deep container filled with nuts or candy (optional).