50 different ways to say I love you

A napkin with XOXO written in pink lipstick and a lipstick print.

You don’t need to wait for a special occasion to remind that certain someone how much he or she is loved. Spice up your relationship with these different ways to say “I love you.” (Most of the “for him” ideas could work for a woman, too, and vice versa.)

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50 Ways to Say "I Love You"  

1. Go a whole week without saying anything negative or critical—and pay compliments at every opportunity.

2. Make her an old-fashioned mixtape. OK, not a tape, but a mix-CD or a playlist.

3. Buy him that video game/power tool/whatever that he was talking about the other week. Wrap it up with a bow!

4. Ask for a coin to toss in a fountain. Then say, “Actually, never mind, my wish already came true—I have you!”

5. Offer to bring him a cup of coffee or a beer.

6. Talk about her right in front of her: Tell other people why she’s so amazing.

7. Impromptu foot rub! Ahhh.

8. Kiss her hand.

9. Break up the usual weekday routine with a breakfast or lunch date.

10. Tuck a package of her favorite candy into her purse. Tape a note to it that says you love her.

11. Take a bubble bath with candles everywhere, and ask him to scrub your back.

12. Around Valentine’s Day, buy a whole bunch of valentines. Give them to her at random times throughout the year.

13. Get him tickets to a concert or event he’ll really enjoy.

14. If she has her own place but stays over sometimes, clear out a dresser drawer for her to use. Stock it with a few essentials, such as toiletries, a makeup item she uses regularly or extra socks and underwear in her size.

15. Make him laugh: Learn some jokes and tell them to him. Corny is good!

16. Give her samples of five different perfumes to try. If she loves one of them, buy her a bottle.

17. Watch “his” show or the big game with him, even if you couldn’t care less. Avoid saying anything annoying about it.

18. Do one of “her” jobs around the house. Or, if you’ve been slacking, just do your jobs around the house!

19. Hire a maid service to give the place a thorough cleaning while your significant other is away.

20. Treat yourself to lingerie or pajamas that make you feel pretty. He’ll probably like it, too.

21. Put on a suit and tie for a date. She’ll probably dig it.

22. Give something homemade, like a loaf of bread or a knitted hat.

23. If he cooks or bakes a lot, draw smiley faces and “I love you” messages on the eggs with a Sharpie.

24. Put a bag in the trunk with a white tablecloth, fancy candlesticks, candles and matches. The next time you go into a fast-food restaurant together, transform your table into a classy, romantic setting!

25. Do something to improve your appearance. It doesn’t have to be drastic: Use a tooth whitener, work off a few extra pounds, or take a little more care with your hair or makeup.

26. Send him a sexy text in the middle of the day.

27. That thing you’ve nagged her about forever? Give up and let it go.

28. That thing she’s nagged you about forever? Change it, for good.

29. When you go to the grocery store, remember to pick up the things that she likes, even if you don’t eat them.

30. If he works in a boring cubicle, help him decorate it—or get him something for his desktop that will make him smile.

31. Put a little gift in a toy treasure chest (you can find them at party supply stores), and hide it in the house. Leave a trail of clues.

32. Bake him a heart-shaped pizza.

33. Clean out and vacuum her car on Sunday night for a pleasanter Monday morning commute.

34. Give him a robe and slippers on Friday night to welcome him to the weekend.

35. Sing a romantic song to her at a karaoke bar. You don’t even have to be on key.

36. Do a striptease for him. You don’t even have to be a good dancer.

37. Invite her on a classy date—maybe to an art museum, a jazz club or a wine tasting.

38. Invite him on a silly date, like mini golf, a monster truck rally or a Renaissance festival.

39. Get away from it all without getting away: Invite him to spend a night with you at a hotel or bed-and-breakfast in town.

40. Create a beach-vacation vibe in your bedroom with tropical drinks on the nightstand, coconut-scented candles and a recording of waves and seagulls.

41. Scatter fresh rose petals on the bed.

42. If he’s taking a business trip, hide a little gift or treat in his suitcase.

43. When you see him or her at the end of the day, say, “How’s my handsome husband?” or “How’s my beautiful wife?” (Or boyfriend or girlfriend—whatever’s appropriate!)

44. Stay in bed together all Saturday. Watch movies. Talk. Eat snacks. Do other things.

45. Learn how to say “I love you” in a foreign language.

46. Bring her flowers. Clichéd? Sure, but when was the last time you actually did it?

47. Blow him a kiss.

48. Open the car door for her.

49. Buy a package of fortune cookies, extract the ordinary fortune from a cookie with tweezers, and replace it with a rolled-up romantic fortune. (You will probably break a few cookies before you get it right.) Give it to her after going out for Chinese.

50. Place a small ad in the personals section telling him how glad you are that you found him.


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