10th wedding anniversary gift ideas

10-anniv-ideas A number ten (for 10th anniversary) made of hammered tin (a traditional 10th anniversary gift) against a pink striped background and surrounded by pink and red roses

Traditional: Tin/Aluminum

Modern: Diamond Jewelry

Read on for unique ideas for giving 10th anniversary gifts—as well writing anniversary messages and celebrating the happy occasion.

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10th anniversary gifts and ideas for spouses  

What to give
  • Give them an old-fashioned metal lunch box to take to work.
  • Get them a gift card to their favorite store or experience and package it up in a metal gift box.
  • Fill a vintage candy tin cookie jar with their favorite cookies, candy or snacks.



  • Vacation in Mexico—and don’t forget to buy colorful tinware souvenirs.
  • Get a set of tin camping cookware and go for a weekend at a national park.
  • Rent a shiny Airstream travel trailer or vacation property for a week on the road.


What to write

What to write in a 10th anniversary card

  • “I’ve spent a decade loving you, and I could do it for a thousand decades more.”
  • “Ten years later and we’re even more perfect together than when we started.”
  • “Ten years ago I said I do…and I still do. Do I ever.”


What to write about in a 10th anniversary love letter

  • Ten favorite memories of your wedding day—or one each for the last 10 years
  • Ten ways they make you a better or happier person
  • Ten things you want to do together in the next 10 years


How to celebrate

  • Find an antique or thrift store and buy each other a present made of tin, the traditional tenth anniversary gift. Look for signs, vintage lunch boxes, containers and toys.
  • Find a photographer who does old-school tintype photos and have one made of you or your family. (Or go through your pics and choose your favorites from each year of your marriage—then turn them into a photo book, collage or gallery wall.)
  • Write down the top ten things you love about your partner and take turns reading them to each other. If you have kiddos, get everyone to make their own list about your family.

More ideas for anniversaries

10th anniversary gifts and ideas for family and friends  

What to give
  • Send them a tin of something yummy, like “Chicago mix” popcorn (half cheese, half caramel).
  • Bake them something amazing and give it to them covered in foil.
  • Find (or make) punched tin lanterns to light up their porch or patio.


What to write in a 10th anniversary card

  • “Ten years…what a milestone! Here’s to many, many more!”
  • “How does it feel to be celebrating ten years as the world’s cutest couple?”
  • “Here’s to a decade of love behind you and a lifetime of love ahead.”


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