2nd wedding anniversary gift ideas

Second anniversary gifts

Traditional: Cotton
Modern: China


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For spouses

Let them know you appreciate their individuality by giving them a T-shirt or hoodie (or a few!) featuring a favorite sports team, rock band, hobby, movie or TV show.

Give pajamas or socks with a whimsical print that makes them smile.


Treat them to a plush terry bathrobe and tuck an extra surprise in the pocket, like fine jewelry or a new cell phone.

At a local shop or craft show, find a handmade quilt—a piece of art they can snuggle up in.

For another couple

Give bright beach towels with a note: “Every day’s a day at the beach when you’re in love…well, almost, anyway!”


Don’t forget the card! No anniversary is complete without telling your loved one just how much you care!

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