4th wedding anniversary gift ideas

4-anniv-ideas The number four (for 4th anniversary) in white against a deep purple background, surrounded with berries, citrus fruits, figs and a peach (fruit is the traditional 4th anniversary gift)

Traditional: Fruit/Flowers

Modern: Appliances

Read on for unique ideas for giving 4th anniversary gifts—as well writing anniversary messages and celebrating the happy occasion.

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4th anniversary gifts and ideas for spouses  

What to give


  • Make and enjoy chocolate-dipped strawberries together.
  • Bring home a bouquet of white roses and one red one. Add a note: “There’s no one like you.”
  • Re-create the bridal bouquet as a centerpiece for your dinner table.



  • Sign up for a CSA at a local farm.
  • If you’re going the modern route, how about a wine fridge or kegerator?


What to write

What to write in a 4th anniversary card

  • “I love that you’re the first face I see in the morning and the last face I see at night.”
  • “Love of my life, maker of my coffee, finder of my keys—you’re just so many things to me.”
  • “You make me laugh and smile and swoon like no one else.”

What to write in about a 4th anniversary love letter

  • Four things you find sexy about them
  • Four of your biggest accomplishments as a couple
  • Four of your best inside jokes


How to celebrate

  • The traditional fourth anniversary gift is fruit: Learn how to make an intricate fruity cocktail or dessert and surprise your spouse with the results.
  • Serenade each other with a song. Bonus points if it’s one that means something to the two of you.
  • Play a round of mini golf—feel free to yell “fore!”—with free kisses if either of you get a hole in one.

More ideas for anniversaries

4th anniversary gifts and ideas for friends and family  

What to give
  • Put a new twist on the traditional fruit basket by adding some fine cheeses and a bottle of wine, so they can head to the park for a romantic picnic or an outdoor concert.
  • If their anniversary is in late fall or winter, send a container of bulb plants like amaryllises, crocus, narcissus or tulips, so they can enjoy watching them grow and bloom.


What to write in a 4th anniversary card

  • “How has it been four years already? It feels like yesterday that we were raising a toast to the two of you.”
  • “The love you share shines a light on everyone you know, making all of our worlds brighter.”
  • “Hope you celebrate your big day doing something uniquely you.”

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