9th wedding anniversary gift ideas

9-anniv-ideas Illustrated woven number nine (for 9th wedding anniversary) against a blue background with illustrated willow tree and pussy willows (willow/wicker is the traditional 9th anniversary gift)

Traditional: Willow/Wicker

Modern: Leather

Read on for unique ideas for giving 9th anniversary gifts—as well writing anniversary messages and celebrating the happy occasion.

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9th anniversary gifts and ideas for spouses  

What to give
  • Pack a picnic basket with all of their favorite things and surprise them with lunch or dinner in the park.
  • Plant a pot of pussy willows for the porch or patio.
  • Get a leather keyring monogrammed with their initials.



  • Assemble a small, custom-made gift basket with a favorite hobby (such as fishing, knitting or reading) as a theme.
  • Buy wicker furniture for the porch or patio—a perfect spot for enjoying snacks and drinks at sunset.
  • Plant a willow tree in your yard.
  • If there ever was one, this is the moment for matching leather jackets. Biker, bomber, aviator…so many choices.


What to write

What to write in a 9th anniversary card

  • “We’ve been through so much, and yet, nine years has gone by in the blink of an eye.”
  • “Nine years of making me laugh…nine years of wiping my tears…nine years of finding the beauty in every day together.”
  • “You’re still the incredible person I feel in love with…and somehow, so much more.”


What to write about in a 9th anniversary letter

  • Nine things you see when you look in their eyes
  • Nine ways they make you weak in the knees
  • Nine things they do that make you crack up, every time


How to celebrate

  • Make a playlist of your favorite home movies from over the years and watch them on the big screen.
  • Create your own crossword puzzle for your partner. Make each clue about a memory only you two would remember.
  • Take a basket weaving class together. No need to make it underwater.

More ideas for anniversaries

9th anniversary gifts and ideas for family and friends  

What to give

Fill a basket with things you know they’ll love. Some ideas:

  • The makings of a charcuterie board and a bottle of wine
  • Popcorn, boxes of candy and a snuggly throw for movie night
  • Graham crackers, chocolate bars, marshmallows and hot cocoa mix for a night around the fire pit


What to write in a 8th anniversary card

  • “Raising a glass to you today—congratulations on nine years of love!”
  • “You guys really know what you’re doing with this whole ‘wedded bliss’ thing.”
  • “So happy to your favorite couple friends! (We won’t tell the others.)”

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