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Words of love: how to make anniversary toasts

Anniversary Toasts

When you’re wishing someone a happy anniversary—whether you’re giving a toast or adding a personal note to a greeting card—you want to find the perfect words to let the recipients know you share their happiness…without sounding like you’re inserting yourself into their relationship.

As a greeting card writer, I walk this line between personal and intrusive every day, and over time I’ve developed various rules of thumb to help guide me. For example: A little teasing about a happy couple’s public displays of affection? Fun. Speculating on what happens in the bedroom? Not so much.

Another rule of thumb, which I call “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,” has long been a winner on anniversary cards. You, too, can use it to find your own perfect words of love.

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Yesterday: I’ll never forget the time…  

If you attended the couple’s wedding, think of an evocative detail to include: “I’ll never forget the smiles on your faces when you first walked down the aisle as husband and wife.”

Also, if you knew either person before the wedding day, mention what a joy it was to watch him or her fall in love.

Today: The great thing about a couple like you is…  

Call out the honorees’ good qualities to personalize your message while paying a compliment: “Nobody’s surprised that you’re such a great couple. With Matt’s sense of humor and Steph’s sweet nature, your happiness is a no-brainer.”

If the marriage has had its ups and downs, don’t focus on the downside. You may get a laugh with something like this: “Here’s to another year of Joan putting up with Kevin’s nonsense.”

But something like this will actually mean more to the couple: “Your commitment to one another is inspiring.”

Tomorrow: If I could make one wish for you…  

A simple wish for continued love and joy is perfectly acceptable. But if you can show how well you know the couple in the process, you’ll make your wish more memorable.

  • If the honorees love to travel, wish them many new horizons to explore.
  • If they love to garden, wish them a bumper crop of good times.
  • If they’re sports fans, wish them a lifetime of winning seasons.

Last, if the couple has been dealing with health, financial or other issues, be sure to make a sincere wish for bright days ahead.

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