15 fun breakfast ideas for kids

15 Fun Breakfast Ideas for Kids: No-fail Snail

The first day of school can send even the most organized family into a tailspin. In our family, the idea of a healthy breakfast is pretty much off the table (pun intended) until we settle into our groove. The chaos can last weeks, WEEKS I tell you (puh-lease let it just be weeks). But have no fear! We’ve got some simple tricks up our sleeve to help you get those kids fed and out the door—with smiles on their faces and nutrients in their bellies. Presenting our top 15, easy-pleasy, back-to-school breakfast ideas. (Psst. You can also make these special breakfasts for a birthday, big-game day, straight-A-report-card day, morning-after-a-sleepover day—the list is really endless…)

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15 Fun Breakfast Ideas for Kids: Happy Face Meal

Happy face meal

Make your kids a pancake portrait (or caricature) with a little help from scrambled eggs and their favorite fruits. Voilà, an edible masterpiece! Tip: If the kids don’t like eggs, try shredded hash browns for hair.

15 Fun Breakfast Ideas for Kids: Toast-em Poles

Toast-em poles

Cubes of French toast and berries make colorful pick-me-up sticks for your kids. Sprinkle with a little powdered sugar or add syrup for dunking.

15 Fun Breakfast Ideas for Kids: Heart-on-your-plate Pancakes

Heart-on-your-plate pancakes

No hearty effort needed at the griddle to show them how much you love them. Pour some batter into a squeeze bottle, and then trace a heart shape on the griddle and fill it in quickly. They’ll flip for these flapjacks.

15 Fun Breakfast Ideas for Kids: Silver-Dollar Lollis

Silver-dollar lollis

Add cake-pop sticks to silver-dollar-sized pancakes as they’re bubbling on the griddle. Then, sprinkle with powdered sugar for a mess-free, sweet start to their morning.

15 Fun Breakfast Ideas for Kids: I Scream for Breakfast

I scream for breakfast

To “soft serve” this yummy treat, just slice a banana and arrange the slices over a fourth of a waffle. Super simple—and no ice-cream headache.

15 Fun Breakfast Ideas for Kids: Fantastic Pantacos

Fantastic pantacos

Fill up these pancake taco shells with your kids’ favorite fruits, chopped into bite-size pieces. Sweeten the meal deal with a spoonful of whipped cream.

15 Fun Breakfast Ideas for Kids: Waffles on a Roll

Waffles on a roll

Create breakfast bliss with just a can of refrigerated cinnamon rolls and a waffle maker. Separate the rolls, place one in each quarter compartment, and cook the same way you cook waffle batter. Drizzle with the included icing.

15 Fun Breakfast Ideas for Kids: Morning Sunshine

Morning sunshine

Brighten the kids’ morning with a sunny arrangement of orange slices, pineapple and strawberries. It’s a perfect way to add sunshine to a rainy day.

15 Fun Breakfast Ideas for Kids: A Healthy Smile

A healthy smile

Ditch the syrup and make up this easy waffle face with fruit—add strawberry slices and blueberries for the eyes, a raspberry nose and a cantaloupe smile that no one will be able to resist.

15 Fun Breakfast Ideas for Kids: Hole-heartedly


A new take on the “toad in the hole” breakfast: Cut a heart shape from a piece of toast with a cookie cutter. Then, place the toast in a hot pan and crack an egg into its center. Cook for a few minutes until the egg is done.

15 Fun Breakfast Ideas for Kids: No-fail Snail

No-fail snail

Start with a tasty muffin to make the snail’s shell. Then add a peeled banana for his body. Use sprinkles, gel frosting or dabs of jelly to add a little smiling face. Kids won’t mind slowing down for this breakfast!

15 Fun Breakfast Ideas for Kids: Beary Yummy Toast

Beary yummy toast

Spread peanut butter into a heart shape onto a piece of toast for the bear’s face. Use banana slices for ears and raisins or dried cherries for his eyes and nose. Drizzle honey over all (because that’s what bears love best). Then give your kid a big bear hug on the side.

15 Fun Breakfast Ideas for Kids: Bloomin' Bagel

Bloomin' bagel

Top a bagel half or English muffin with cream cheese. Then arrange some strawberry or mandarin orange slices around it to form a pretty flower.

15 Fun Breakfast Ideas for Kids: Sweetheart Toast

Sweetheart toast

Say “I love you” with these easy heart-shaped toast cutouts. Use a cookie cutter on toasted bread to create these sweet hearts, and then serve them up with some cinnamon butter, peanut butter or their favorite jelly.

15 Fun Breakfast Ideas for Kids: Top o' the Muffin

Top o' the muffin

Give kids their favorite muffins topped with jelly, fresh blueberries and a spoonful of whipped cream—just a little touch of special to top off their morning.

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