Birth-month inspired birthday gift ideas

Birthday Gift Ideas

Tradition links every month on the calendar with a particular gem and flower, and these can serve as great inspirations for memorable giving. Here are the most widely recognized birthstones and birth flowers, with some suggestions for how you can use them to celebrate friends and family. As you might expect, most of these birthday gift ideas are geared toward women, but there are a few ideas for a guy in your life, too. Just click below to get inspired with a gem of a gift idea for every month of the year!

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Birthstone: Garnet
Birthstone jewelry doesn’t have to be new! Of all the birthstones, garnet pins, earrings and pendants are the easiest to find and the most affordable. Try antique malls, flea markets, estate sales, Etsy or eBay.

Birth flower: Carnation
If you need an inexpensive little gift, you might consider a silk carnation hair clip or pin. This is also a creative way to embellish a wrapped present!


Birthstone: Amethyst
Some people believe this birthstone has healing powers. All we can say for sure is that an amethyst crystal on a desk or shelf can be a gorgeous reminder of friendship or love.

Birth flower: Violet
You can buy edible candied violets online to decorate a birthday cake or cupcakes. Regardless of whether people eat them, they look charming.


Birthstone: Aquamarine
Sweaters and scarves, even if they’re cashmere, are often marked down to a fraction of their cost at this time of year. If you find something in the pale blue-green shade of her aquamarine, she can enjoy it on chilly spring days and next year, too!

Birth flower: Daffodil
Daffodils aren’t available in every season, so why not get her a big bunch on her birthday? They shine on their own or with any white or purple blooms. An empty glass applesauce jar, washed and with the label removed, makes a perfect vase.


Birthstone: Diamond
Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but cubic zirconia stud earrings in a quality setting look just like the real thing, and they’re a wardrobe basic almost anyone can use.

Birth flower: Daisy
You can infuse her world with the light, fresh daisy smell through daisy-scented gifts, such as candles and potpourri. Just search for “daisy-scented gifts” on the Internet.


Birthstone: Emerald
Provide him or her with specialty coffee from Seattle. In the birthday card that goes with it, write something like, “Since emerald is your birthstone, here’s something from the Emerald City!”

Birth flower: Lily of the Valley
Indulge her with some lily-of-the-valley bath and body products from her favorite store. Almost everyone will appreciate a scented soap or hand lotion.


Birthstone: Pearl (or Alexandrite)
A pocketknife is a handy tool for almost anyone, and you can find one with a mother-of-pearl handle in honor of his or her birthstone.

Birth flower: Rose
Introduce her to some fun summer reads! Thousands of books have “rose” in the title. Check out Jennifer Donnelly’s series beginning with The Tea Rose or Susanna Kearsley’s time-travel romance, The Rose Garden.


Birthstone: Ruby
Give her some vintage ruby glass—wine goblets, candlesticks or a faceted bowl filled with her favorite candy.

Birth flower: Larkspur
Larkspur, or delphiniums, are biennials. If a gardener plants some seeds in the month of August, he could have some blooming in the garden on his July birthday next year! Attach a seed packet or two to a wrapped birthday gift.


Birthstone: Peridot
A stretch bracelet is a casual way to wear peridot, and it makes a great inexpensive girlfriend gift!

Birth flower: Gladiolus
If you want to give flowers, an empty glass bottle can serve as the perfect container for a stalk or two of gladioli.


Birthstone: Sapphire
If you think the person would appreciate a celebratory toast, present him or her with one of the many liquors now packaged in a beautiful blue bottle—just the thing for mixing up a party cocktail.

Birth flower: Aster
Asters are small, daisy-like blooms, most often purple, pink or lavender. One of these plants in a pretty container is a long-lasting accent for a porch or front step in the fall.


Birthstone: Opal (or Tourmaline)
The subtle glow of opals has inspired a slew of nail polish colors. Wrap up a bottle plus a gift certificate to a nail salon.

Birth flower: Marigold
Many grocery stores sell packages of edible flowers that include marigolds in the mix. They look very pretty frozen into ice cubes for a party!


Birthstone: Citrine (or Topaz)
Put together a gift basket based on citrine’s golden color. Choose items like yellow kitchen utensils and dishtowels or yellow socks, gloves or a scarf. Wrap them all up in yellow tissue paper. It’ll definitely bring sunshine to her day!

Birth flower: Chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum tea is as healthy as it is delicious. Give her some along with a glass teapot, so she can see the flowers open as it brews.


Birthstone: Turquoise (or Zircon/Tanzanite)
You can find turquoise on numerous items, including belts, purses and jewelry. If you want to buy someone a ring and you’re not sure of her size, remember that most women can wear a size seven ring on one of their fingers. Of course, you can always tuck a receipt in a small envelope marked “return slip” in case he or she prefers to make an exchange.

Birth flower: Narcissus
A paper-white narcissus (also known as a daffodil) can be an elegant touch to any table. To display a few stems, wash and dry a large can and wrap it with decorative paper using double-stick tape. Another approach is creating a bouquet of origami narcissus. You can find several instructional videos on the Internet.

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