How to Use Sign & Send™ to Mail a Real Card with Your Handwritten Message

Hand using a smartphone to take a picture of a hand-written message

We created Sign & Send™ for lots of reasons: So you can send a real Hallmark card when you don’t have one handy. So you can mail a birthday greeting on time when you don’t have a stamp. 

But most of all, we created Sign & Send so it’s easy to send a card anywhere, any time—when you’re in a hurry, away from your desk or someone just pops into your head.

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How does Sign & Send work?  

Any time you want to celebrate, congratulate, support, comfort or check in with someone, start by going to You’ll find thousands of our best cards—just like the ones in stores—and you can send them right from your phone.

Assortment of Sign & Send cards

Find the perfect card   

Search by the reason you want to send it, who you’re sending it to, your favorite collection (Mahogany, Shoebox, DaySpring…and lots more), even your favorite characters from TV or movies. Sort by price or rating, or just dive in. 

It’s kind of like being at a card store—but you can shop while you’re sitting in the pick-up line at school, waiting for a concert, game or show to start, or at home in your pajamas.

Once you’ve picked your card, click PERSONALIZE.

Hands holding a greeting card with handwritten message inside that reads,

Add your personal message  

Grab a piece of plain, white paper and a dark pen, and write the message you want in the card. 

Don’t have paper and a pen nearby? No problem: 

  • The back of a piece of mail or your kid’s old homework works, too. (Writing on your hand doesn’t—we’ve tried it.)
  • Is there a whiteboard handy? Write your message with a fine-tip marker and take a pic. (Bonus: So easy to fix mistakes.)
  • You can also type your message—we’ve got more than a dozen fonts in a variety of handwriting styles to choose from. 


Then use your phone to take a clear photo and follow instructions to upload it. 

Want tips for what to write in your card? Hallmark writers have ideas to get you started.  

Pro-tip: Do you always write the recipient’s name above the printed message inside? You can do that on many of our cards—either take a separate picture or use the same one and crop what you want.

Address the envelope  

Plug in the recipient’s name and address, then your own.

Super-handy to have your contact list in your phone, right? Grab the address where you want us to mail the card and enter it.

Then add yours for the return address and hit “preview” to make sure everything looks good. (You’ll also see when it’ll be delivered.)

Tap ADD TO CART and your card is practically in the mail. 

Place your order  

Add your payment info and check out. The free Sign & Send service includes personalization, a gold seal, a stamp and dropping your card in the mail.

(A little tip: Checkout is super-easy if you’re a Crown Rewards member and already signed in to

That’s it. Find the card. Write a message. Take a picture. Mail the card. All from your phone. 

Side-by-side images of hands holding a greeting card that reads