50+ fun things to do with friends

An illustration of a cat and ladybug painting pottery at a table.

It’s hard to describe in only a few words how amazing I feel when I’m with my friends, but I’ll try: Inner child comfy and cozy. Immensely grateful. Like a gazillion fireworks are exploding in my heart (celebrating the wonderful people in your life calls for ALL the cheesiness)! ❤️

To put it lightly, being with true friends is my ultimate happy place, and I’m sure some of you can relate. So to encourage more time spent with them, to make the time you do have feel extra meaningful or even to help you make some new friends, we put together this list of fun things to do. Friend-date fun incoming!

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If you know exactly the kind of friend dates you’re planning, jump straight to some ideas to help:

Things to do with friends at home  

  • Have a relaxing spa night. Get some goodies like face masks, mani/pedi sets, lotions and candles to set the mood.
  • Host an afternoon tea party.
  • Have a board game night, or learn some new card games together.
  • Bring a board/charcuterie sampling. My standout suggestion? Churro nachos topped with ice cream, chocolate syrup and sprinkles. Veggies and dips, wings and fries or the standard meat and cheese variety work, too.
  • Put up an artsy gallery wall.
  • Bake some treats without a recipe, and see who makes something actually edible.
  • Have everyone bring their favorite cereal and watch cartoons.
  • Sing your hearts out during karaoke. Need music recs? Check out some of our Spotify playlists here.
  • Craft together! If you need inspo, we’ve got tons of arts and crafts to get started.
  • Declutter together. Friends make everything more fun!
  • Try canvas portrait painting. But first promise that you won’t get offended if it’s not art-museum-worthy.
  • Think big at a vision board party. Use a poster board and magazine/online images to decorate it and map out your goals.
  • Puzzle night. Snag some new ones here.
  • Pick a random topic and make a fake podcast about it. Or start a real one—your call!
  • Make a joint bucket list. Whenever my friends and I are bored, we just pull it out and check things off. You can make it seasonal or year-round.
  • Or make a reverse bucket list full of stuff you don’t want to do.
  • Rent a DVD (from the library) that you’ve never heard of (so retro).
  • Make a joint scrapbook.
  • Host a sleepover. Pizza, popcorn and pillow forts, please!

Things to do with friends at night  

  • Stargazing. A dreamier friend date doesn’t exist. 🥹 For maximum star viewing, check out a dark sky map to find a low-light-pollution spot in your area.
  • Bonfire/fire pit party. S’mores are a MUST.
  • Go out dancing. Make it really memorable (and probably hilarious) by trying a new style of dance.
  • Take a boat ride. The views are especially magical at night.
  • Karaoke. For shy singers, some venues have private rooms you can book to avoid the spotlight.
  • Have breakfast for dinner. All of these recipes are yummy, but I HIGHLY recommend trying this one if you like blueberries. (We did NOT come up with that name. 👀😂)
  • Catch up at a snazzy jazz club.
  • Have an outdoor movie night. All you need is a projector and these yummy popcorn recipes.
  • Find different spots to watch the sunset. This one’s for the friend who can’t see a beautiful sunrise or sunset without snapping the perfect pic.

Things to do with friends in summer  

An illustration of a cat and ladybug gardening.


  • Have fun at a state fair or carnival. Honestly, the food alone is worth it if anyone’s not a fan of the rides.
  • Go swimming. Cool down at your local pool, beach or waterpark.
  • Go to a baseball game. It’s even more fun if you’re rooting for opposite teams and make the loser buy everyone nachos.      S-C-O-R-E!
  • Drive go-karts.
  • Book club. Have it somewhere in the sun like an outdoor patio or on the beach.
  • Go to local craft fairs/artist markets.
  • Garden. Help each other plant some new stuff in your yards or on patios.
  • Yard game extravaganza. Try sack races, bean bag/ring toss or even a DIY mini golf course.
  • Have a backyard barbecue.
  • Rent a bouncy house. As adults, why don’t we do this more often???
  • Try making homemade popsicles or other summer treats.
  • Do a movie theater marathon to escape the heat. Or embrace it at a drive-in movie.
  • Sweet treat meetup. Plan weekly outings to different dessert places and find your favorite.
  • Join a local sports club/intramural group together.

Things to do with friends in winter  

  • Have a cozy watch party.
  • Try some crafting classes. Think rug tufting, watercolor painting, etc.
  • Try indoor rock climbing or skydiving. Adventurous friends who love spontaneity, we’re looking at you.
  • Go ice skating.
  • Family recipe trade. Share your favorite ones and make them together—how sweet!
  • Go to a ski village. It’s totally valid to stay inside, read and just enjoy the vibes, too.
  • Sips up with a hot cocoa bar. Or try some of these other cozy drinks.
  • Have an indoor s’mores competition. Go wild with different flavor combos and add-ins.
  • Visit a botanical garden, conservatory or flower shops. This is my favorite way to escape the cold when it gets especially unbearable.
  • Stroll through your fave museums.
  • Go café hopping! Beat the winter blues together with warm pastries and drinks.

Things to do with friends outdoors  

  • Train for a marathon together. Whether or not you actually complete one, it’s a fun way to stay active and have a reason to treat yourselves with ice cream after.
  • Bring skates/skateboards to a local park. With safety gear…I’m BEGGING.
  • Attend an outdoor art festival.
  • Tennis, anyone? Or maybe pickleball if you’re trendy.
  • Go hiking. Don’t forget water and snacks for the journey.
  • Visit a flea market.
  • Try fishing. If you don’t want to buy equipment, try to rent some nearby.
  • Play a fun sport. Think tennis, soccer, disc golf—whatever you like. Most disc golf courses are free to play and the only equipment you need is a frisbee.
  • Ride bikes! For maximum bonding and hilariousness try a tandem one.
  • Have a nontraditional “crawl.” Instead of bars, think places like bakeries, record stores, plant or perfume shops, etc.
  • Start the morning at a farmers’ market.
  • Outdoor yoga/meditation. My BFF and I did sunset yoga nearly every week last summer and let me tell you—it’s life changing!
  • Go kayaking.

Things to do with your best friend  

  • Go to a concert or music festival together.
  • Take a road trip. As besties, you can hopefully handle each other after that long in a car together.
  • Plan and execute each other’s perfect day.
  • Get tattoos together. That includes temporary ones!!!
  • Make photo albums or scrapbooks together.
  • Do a friend photo shoot with a photographer.
  • Run errands together.
  • Go through childhood photo albums/home movies together.
  • Watch each other’s favorite childhood movies.
  • Write a letter of appreciation for each other.
  • Get lost in the city/town together. Just walk and see what you run into! (For the best friend who always needs concrete plans, though, maybe not).

First hangout ideas  

  • Have a picnic. Make sure you ask about any food allergies beforehand!
  • Ask fun icebreaker questions. These gratitude conversation cards are great for getting to know someone and keeping the convo flowing.
  • Explore nearby happy hours.
  • Grab a coffee or treat. Personally, I think you can never go wrong with frozen yogurt.
  • Grab dinner. And maybe see a movie before, so you’ll have something to discuss as an icebreaker.
  • Paint pottery together.
  • Try a place neither of you have ever been. Think art galleries, restaurants, museums, etc.
  • Walk a nearby trail.
  • See a live comedy show. Nothing makes a bond stronger than hearing each other’s ugly laugh.
  • Play some arcade games.

Things to do with friends as a group  

  • Inner child day! Spend some time doing your favorite childhood hobbies, like coloring in coloring books, painting, making friendship bracelets, etc.
  • Take a pottery class.
  • Have music appreciation parties. Everyone gets to show off their favorite artists, songs or playlists. No music snobs allowed (unless you bring dessert).
  • Host a cooking contest. If your friend group likes to get competitive, pick a dish and see who makes the best version of it. Chili, cookies, carrot cake—get creative!
  • Go to a local music gig.
  • Watch football. Have everyone bring an appetizer or potluck-style dish.
  • Pitch in for a staycation somewhere fun.
  • Turn your home into a cozy coffee shop. Or any fun theme—a bakery, a cereal bar with childhood cartoons playing, etc.
  • Book trade. Bring your favorite books to swap and discover a new favorite.
  • Hobby exploration. From sports and watercolor painting to trombone playing, try each other’s favorite hobbies (the more niche, the better!).
  • Color-themed potluck. Each person picks a color and has to bring foods that go with that color.
  • Trivia night. Find somewhere local or create one yourselves at home.

Things to do with friends at the holidays  

  • Hot cocoa and Hallmark Channel. If they’re a Hallmark Channel superfan, they’ll love any of these gifts, too.
  • Go caroling. You can do it in your neighborhood or volunteer with local
  • organizations.
  • Start your holiday shopping together.
  • Have a holiday dinner. But with the added twist that you have to dress up as your favorite holiday characters.
  • Drive around to look at lights. With a warm beverage, of course!
  • Decorate each other’s homes together.
  • Decorate gingerbread houses.
  • Cookie decorating. See how you can make your own friends and family here.
  • Try some new cookie recipes. These are some of our favorites.
  • Exchange gifts. For a bigger group, try hosting a White Elephant exchange.
  • Work on Christmas cards together. We’ve got some message ideas to help!
  • Go to holiday concerts. This is a guaranteed way to get in the Christmas spirit.
  • Go to a Christmas village or festival.
  • Christmas morning breakfast baking. These adorable snowman donuts or cranberry Christmas canes are super fun and festive.
  • Volunteer together at local parades or holiday events.

Inexpensive things to do with friends  

An illustration of a cat and ladybug painting pottery at a table.
  • Take a neighborhood walk together. Bonus points if you explore somewhere new—maybe you’ll find a new favorite coffee shop or cool gem, like a store with local goods!
  • Get sporty. Grab a frisbee, soccer ball, tennis rackets—any easy-to-carry equipment.
  • Play bingo at a local bingo hall.
  • Research free events nearby. Concerts, festivals, classes—you’d be surprised at the number of random things you can find.
  • Write a song together. No extensive musical abilities required, seriously.
  • Do a clothing/accessories swap. That vintage shirt you love but never wear deserves a new home!
  • Listen to and rate different albums. If you have a record player, now’s a good time to pull it out.
  • If you’ve got green thumbs, repot your plants or work on your gardens together.
  • Go to the library and pick a book for “mini book club.” Two people reading together keeps it low pressure and flexible.
  • Explore museums. Look for free days or try local historical sites.
  • Visit a local farm or orchard.
  • Volunteer. Pick something you’re both passionate about or take turns supporting each other’s favorite causes together.
  • Host a board game night.
  • Have a picnic. Start planning with some of our ideas here (they work indoors, too!).
  • Paint pottery.
  • Try bird-watching. Grab binoculars and a guidebook to help.

Baby and kid-friendly things to do with friends  

  • Visit a petting zoo.
  • Make slime together. This is a fun excuse to make a mess for kids and a surprisingly relaxing activity for adults (minus the whole mess part).
  • Have fun at a children’s museum. Contrary to the name, these can be equally fun for grown-ups!
  • Spend an afternoon at the playground. Or just take a stroller walk there and back.
  • Try finger painting.
  • Visit the library. There are always special events going on, like story time/reading aloud, guest speakers and maybe even fun exhibits.
  • Embrace your inner children. Pull out chalk, kites and bubbles for a day of fun.
  • Go to the circus. Just make sure no one has a fear of clowns (and I’m not talking about the kids 😂).
  • See a movie or play.

Things to do with online or long-distance friends  

  • Play online games together.
  • Have a virtual watch party. Find our best tips to help here!
  • Be pen pals. Send a shared journal back and forth through the mail, or post monthly letters/cards.
  • Start planning your next trip together! Present your best vacay ideas and may the best destination win.
  • Make a shared playlist that you both update regularly.
  • Start a joint podcast or blog. Pick a shared interest to focus on or keep it personal between friends only!
  • Sign up for a virtual cooking class. Or pick a day each week to make a new recipe together.
  • Paint or draw each other’s portraits.
  • Photo exchange. Send pictures of local scenes to each other.
  • Have a virtual cocktail hour. Take turns hosting and week by week, gradually work your way through a mixology book of classic recipes.
  • Send each other silly bedtime stories through audio messages.

Neurodivergent-friendly things to do with friends  

  • Try a sensory activity together. Think sound baths, kinetic sand, painting, etc.
  • Meditate together.
  • Take a breathwork class.
  • Do parallel play activities. For example, both gaming on own devices, journaling, etc.
  • Try a new thing that you’d be scared to do alone.
  • Do chores you hate doing alone. For example, if you have social anxiety, invite a friend to tackle the grocery store with you.
  • Make playlists for each other.


We hope you save these for the next time you’re stumped for things to do with friends!

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