Celebrate new beginnings with a spring picnic party

Plates of fruit, cheese and bread, cards with cross-stitch monogrammed envelopes, gifts and a cake stand with a cake and butterfly cake topper are arranged on the floor for an indoor spring picnic party. A DIY mushroom garland hangs in the background.

There’s just something about spring that makes us feel rejuvenated. Maybe it’s all those pretty flowers popping up, or the urge to splash around in puddles when it rains (don’t lie—it’s tempting). Whatever it is, we just can’t get enough of that springtime magic!  

But while spring brings all the flowers and beautiful green lawns we love, it can also bring quite a few rainy, cloudy days. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a gorgeous picnic inside! We promise it’ll feel just as special, and you won’t have to worry about crying at your own party.  

So grab your best buds and get ready to celebrate new adventures and fresh starts with these spring picnic party ideas.  

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Plates of fruit, cheese and bread, cards with cross-stitch monogrammed envelopes, gifts and a cake stand with a cake and butterfly cake topper are arranged on the floor for an indoor spring picnic party.

Spring vibes, here we come!   

Start by grabbing your favorite blankets and pillows to make your guests comfy. You can tie in that spring vibe with bright shades, florals and pastels, or just use the coziest ones you can round up.  

Next, add a cool, thrifted cake stand to make dessert the star of the show. Find the sunniest spot in the house to set up, then add all the flowers and house plants you can carry (fake plants are welcome, too!).  

Once your party area is looking picture-ready, it’s time to plus it up with these super cute DIYs. 

Create a magical centerpiece with this DIY butterfly cake topper  

A cake decorated with meringues, edible pearls and edible flowers, and a DIY butterfly cake topper sit atop a cake stand that looks like a Roman column.

A spring picnic just wouldn’t feel right without a few butterflies fluttering around, so we made this beautiful, easier-than-it-looks butterfly cake topper.   

While you can totally make your own delicious cake, we kept things extra simple and just purchased a store-bought one for this DIY.   

We put our butterflies in at random to create an effortless garden vibe. Complete the look with meringues, flowers, edible pearls and a cake stand. 

Bring on the earthy vibes with a DIY mushroom garland   

A completed DIY mushroom garland, made with air-dry clay that's been molded and painted to look like mushrooms, some jump rings, and twine.

For the ultimate indoor picnic decoration, we created this DIY mushroom garland (and honestly, we’re still not over how cute it is).  

To make it, we used Crayola® Model Magic to sculpt our mushrooms. Then, after they dried, we painted them with regular craft paint. You can get creative here and switch up the colors and designs however you’d like.  

Make a ton of mushrooms, then string together for a cute, simple backdrop at your indoor picnic. And if you want to leave your guests with some adorable party favors, save a few extra to pass out! 

Tell them you love them with DIY cross-stitch monogram envelopes  

Five envelopes, each with a different initial monogrammed in cross-stitch onto the back flap, along with a selection of Hallmark cards.

Now that you’ve set the mood with all that pretty decor, it’s time to celebrate the real stars of the show: your guests! Whether you’re congratulating them for a recent achievement or taking a moment to say “I love you,” these sweet cards are perfect for sharing a little more care.  

For the friend you’re feeling extra proud of, we love this So Happy for You card. For the friends you’re simply grateful to know, we’d go with the That Made Me Happy Daisy or You’re a Peach card.  

To make these feel even more special and full of cute cottage core vibes, add some DIY personalized cross-stitch monogram envelopes using our free printable!

Rain or shine, we hope you’re feeling ready to embrace all things spring and throw your own picnic party with loved ones. Have fun! 

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