7 gorgeous wedding gift wrapping ideas

A gift tower wrapped for a wedding, topped with a

Bringing your gift to the wedding? We’ve got wedding gift wrapping ideas that will give your present some serious presence on the gift table, whether you’re gifting one big present, a few small presents, or even giving cash or gift cards. These ideas work wonderfully for wrapping bridal shower gifts, too!

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Three Elegant Ways to Wrap Wedding Gifts  

Go over-the-top gorgeous with these three beautiful wedding gift wrap ideas. Whether you want to find a cute way to wrap up cash or gift cards, personalize your present in a pretty way, or turn a few gifts into a festive tower, we’ll show you how to do it, step by step.

Three Thoughtful Ways to Add a Card to Your Wedding Gift  

Make a cash gift a little fancier, create a gift wrap pocket so your card doesn’t get lost, or use ribbon and flowers to tie them together. No matter which way you go with it, these wrap ideas will make your card feel like a big part of their big day.

A Simple Bow That Adds a Sweet Touch to Wedding Gifts  

The phrase “with a bow on top” exists for a reason—it’s the finishing touch that makes everything look oh-so-pretty. If you’re wanting to keep your wedding gift wrap on the understated side, this simple, satin ribbon bow is the way to go.