Our 3 best party decoration ideas to make entertaining easy

The red, pink and yellow ombre Color Pop basic kit.

If you love hosting friends and family in your home, you’ll take any excuse to get together—from big birthdays to baby showers to spur-of-the-moment happy hours. All that entertaining taught us some things, and we’re sharing our top three party decoration ideas, featuring Crayola + Hallmark Color Pop, to make throwing your party SO. MUCH. EASIER. 

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Here’s what we love about these party decor ideas: 

1. They make your party feel thoughtful and festive—which means your guest of honor will feel appreciated and happy. 

2. They take the pressure out of prepping and planning, so you can focus on what matters. 

3. They’re easy to personalize for any event—casual get-together, milestone birthday, co-worker congratulations, baby or wedding shower. We repeat: Any. Event.  

Whether you’re a planner, procrastinator or just love a spontaneous gathering, these tips will help you create a festive vibe for all your guests. 


Tip 1: Pick a color palette  

It doesn’t take any extra work to create a celebratory setting that looks intentional. Choose a few (like three) complementary or contrasting colors for your tableware and decorations and let those inspire your choices of flowers, fruit, food, candy and cocktails. Keep your serving pieces neutral—white, glass, silver, wood—so the color makes a statement.  

A rainbow-colored party spread featuring Color Pop party products in several colors.

Color Pop Ombre Decor Kits

Ombre Decor Kits feature a simple, complementary color palette—the perfect inspiration for creative party decoration ideas. You can get them in Cool (blues and greens) or Warm (reds and yellows).

The paper fans, banners and oversize confetti in the Decor Kits are reusable—the table runner too, if you’re tidy. Combine a few to make a big statement.

Do you already have a gift closet? Simply give your party decor its own shelf or bin.

Light blue, dark blue, pink and yellow Color Pop party pack contents displayed on a flat surface.

Color Pop Basic Kits

Every Basic Kit gives you two coordinating colors (which is plenty, of course). But you can expand your color palette by mixing and matching with other Basic, Premium and Ombre Kits. 

Tip 2: Keep party decoration ideas on hand  

Whether you have a whole party pantry or a little decor drawer, keeping a stash of supplies on hand is great for inspiration. (Necessity is the mother of invention, right?) And it takes one to-do out of your planning.

We humbly suggest grabbing Color Pop kits in a few colors or a whole rainbow—you’ll expand your options by mixing and matching. 

A few more ideas for party decorations to stock up on: 

The blue ombre Color Pop party pack on a table and as part of a birthday party setup.

Color Pop Cool Ombre Basic Kit

With three complementary colors, Rainbow Basic Kits can complement your home or office decor or coordinate with your kids’ favorite shows.

Tip 3: Create a focal point  

You do not need to decorate the whole house. You don’t even need to decorate the whole room. All that’s needed is to center people’s interest or the event’s activity on one strong focal point to say, “THIS is the place to be.”

Your focal point can be: 

  • A table: The buffet table, dinner table, gift table or game table. Deck it fully out. 
  • A wall: Two words—banners and backdrops. In combination with a table, they say, “This is where the action is.” On their own, they practically scream, “Take a picture in front of me right now.”
  • A seating area: Hang a banner and balloons overhead or make a backdrop behind the Good Chair for the guest of honor. Give the coffee table some love with a table runner, confetti and downsize flower arrangement.    


Want to let guests know where else they can go? Carry elements of your party decor ideas into other spaces: side tables, restroom vanities, outdoor areas.

A Galentine's Day party featuring pink and gold Color Pop heart-shaped plates, pink and gold striped paper straws, and a pink and gold banner that reads

Mixing Color Pop Kits

Pick a color and set up a cozy space to gather. The bar cart is the star of this Galentine’s Day gathering—banners aren’t just for walls. To take it to the next level, though? Mix some Color Pop kits!

For this look, we combined the Pink and Gold Decor Kit and the Pink Heart Premium Kit to add glints of gold and elevate the vibe from girly to glam.

Red and Pink Basic Color Pop Kit

Because Color Pop kits don’t come with messages or characters, they’re not limited to just one kind of party. You get to decide what you’re celebrating, and you can coordinate with anything from your home decor to your kids’ favorite characters.

We hope these party decorating ideas get you excited about entertaining more, celebrating more and getting together more. And speaking of more…want more inspiration? We’ve got you there, too: