Tales of the Tooth Fairy: 10 families share their Tooth Fairy ideas and traditions

Tooth Fairy Ideas

Do you want to make the Tooth Fairy’s visit a little more magical? Here’s some inspiration for you that positively sparkles! We asked 10 families to share their favorite Tooth Fairy traditions. Try one or try them all. (Kids have lots of baby teeth to grow out of, so you might want to bookmark this article for later, along with our printable lost tooth chart.) And for a little extra magic, download our free Tooth Fairy certificates and envelope.

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We combine American and French traditions in our household. In France, the Tooth Fairy is a little mouse, so we put out cheese. We also put the tooth in a little pillow that hangs on the door of our son’s room so as not to risk waking him up. As an added touch, we have put out some sugar (that the mouse spilled) and made little footprints in the kitchen.

— Leigh-Ann H.


My kids both received a $2 bill from the Tooth Fairy for their first tooth (yep, they’re still available at banks) and Sacagawea gold dollars for the others. They loved getting that “special” money along with a note from the Tooth Fairy, and they both still haven’t spent their $2 bills. (They’re now 14 and 17.)

— Jeanne F.


We sprinkle “fairy dust” (glitter), and leave a note and a little bag of gold-colored coins.

— Nickie F.


My sister and I had a little pillow especially for the Tooth Fairy, with a little pocket in it. We’d put the tooth in the pocket at night and lay it in our bed with us. When we woke up, money had replaced the tooth.

— Amanda W.


My kid gets a typed note from the Tooth Fairy in tiny 5-point font. The note is rolled and tied with floss. Sometimes, she gets origami money and sometimes just plain bills.

— Sheri P-J.


We decorated a dollhouse door and hung it on the wall so that the Tooth Fairy can get into the kids’ rooms.

— Brandy V-F.


I write a note on a piece of paper shaped like a tooth. Then, I cover the whole thing in fancy glitter nail polish and sprinkle glitter on the floor all the way to the window.

— Kelly H.


A friend of mine uses Barbie shoes to make little footprints in flour or glitter.

— Debbie H-M.


For each of our children, my mother-in-law creates a Tooth Fairy pillow. The children have a special afternoon with “Nene” and get to pick out the fabric for their personalized pillow. They end up with a cherished memory of a precious time with their grandmother, plus an heirloom Tooth Fairy pillow they can use themselves—and pass along to their own kids someday. My oldest has not lost a tooth in more than a year but refuses to take her tooth pillow off her door since her Nene made it especially for her.

— Heidi S.


We use spray glitter on dollar bills or silver dollars!

— Lisa B.