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100 Reasons to Say I Love You, Mom

When we think about why we love our moms, it’s hard to pinpoint just one reason. Moms can be caretakers, teachers, coaches, doctors, therapists, snack-holders, personal assistants, friends and more. And while we love them for the big stuff, like never giving up on us or teaching us how to believe in ourselves, all the little things they do hold a special place in our hearts as well. (Birthday cake for breakfast, anyone?)

Here’s our list of 101 things we love about our moms…think of these as just a few flowers in the ginormous bouquet of reasons she means so much.

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How we say “I love you, Mom”  

1. “I wouldn’t be here without her.”
2. “She taught me to stand up for others.”
3. “She ‘likes’ everything I post.”
4. “No matter what, she is in my corner.”
5. “She could always find my shoes.”
6. “Whenever something good or bad happens, she’s the first one I want to tell.”

“She helps watch my kids so I can have a career.”

7. “She helps watch my kids so I can have a career.”
8. “She connects me to my childhood and my roots.”
9. “She lets me know that I make her proud.”
10. “She learned how to use FaceTime to talk with her grandkids.”
11. “She sends me links every day so I always know what’s going on in the news.”
12. “She brags to her friends about my accomplishments.”
13. “She always has advice (and most of it is pretty good!).”
14. “She tries to keep up with technology so she can connect with me.”
15. “She knows every family recipe by heart.”
16. “When I came out, she told me I was brave and that she loved me.”
17. “Her smile makes everything OK.”
18. “She’s the glue that holds us all together.”
19. “She taught me all I needed to know about being a good human being.”
20. “She is so good at shopping for bargains, it’s like a superpower.”
21. “I don’t need a weather app—I can just ask her.”
22. “Even when she was upset with me, I knew she loved me.”
23. “My mom was both mother and father.”
24. “She knows I’m weird, but to her it’s like, good weird.”
25. “No matter what you need, she probably has it in her purse. She’s prepared!”
26. “We can talk several times a day and not get sick of each other.”
27. “She fixed my bangs when I cut them.”
28. “She fixed my bangs again the next time I did it.”
29. “I can always get advice from her on home improvement projects.”
30. “She’s beautiful inside and out, has a great sense of style, and has always taken care to be well put-together. She taught me all about putting my best foot forward.”

31. “She always let me be true to myself.”
32. “She loves me even though she knew me when I was a teenager.”
33. “She works so hard and inspires me to do the same.”
34. “She raised us as ‘free-range’ kids with lots of time to roam on our own and build our independence.”
35. “She always answers when you call, no matter what time it is.”
36. “She asks how my cat is doing, and she doesn’t even like cats.”
37. “Through runny noses, fevers and heartbreaks, she was the best nurse ever.”
38. “She thinks of something I need before I even know I need it.”
39. “Her love of travel taught me to appreciate the world and all its cultures.”
40. “She’s genuine…she doesn’t pretend to be anybody but herself.”
41. “She’s always up for discussing our latest trash TV show.”
42. “She never stops learning.”
43. “She can make anything fun.”

44. “She hugged me even when I didn’t hug back. Especially when I didn’t hug back.”

44. “She hugged me even when I didn’t hug back. Especially when I didn’t hug back.”
45. “She was my Girl Scout leader.”
46. “She’s been gone for years, but I still think of her every single day.”
47. “She took us to church every week so faith would be a part of our lives.”
48. “She has accepted the fact that I’m never going to eat my green beans.”
49. “She sends the best care packages full of thoughtful things.”
50. “There are still things she hasn’t told Dad!”
51. “She’s always believed in me.”
52. “She taught me to believe in myself.”

53. “She’s got a green thumb…and she can name a phenomenal number of flowers.”
54. “She’s the most patient woman in the world.”
55. “She helped me plan an awesome wedding.”
56. “She’s found new ways for us to stay close without being in-person over the past year.”
57. “Breakfast for dinner!”
58. “I admire the volunteer work she does.”
59. “She’s just as great of a grandma as she is a mom.”
60. “She taught me to persevere.”
61. “Even though I live halfway across the country, she’s there for me.”
62. “She’s an excellent seamstress, and she made lots of my clothes and Halloween costumes when I was growing up.”
63. “She treats my dog like her grandbaby.”

64. “She doesn’t mind hearing about every detail of your day.”

64. “She doesn’t mind hearing about every detail of your day.”
65. “We have a million inside jokes. She’s hilarious.”
66. “She instilled in me a deep love of ice cream.”
67. “She gives so much of herself to others.”
68. “She gives you real talk when you need to hear it most.”
69. “She would do anything for me.”
70. “She loves bright colors, and she makes life more colorful.”
71. “A lot of times, she’ll call me just when I was thinking about her.”
72. “She loves my kids even when they are having meltdowns.”
73. “She’s my sounding board for all major life decisions.”
74. “Every time she visits me, she organizes one of my closets or shelves!”
75. “She shows me how to look for the silver lining and make the best of every situation.”
76. “She’s the one person who will never get tired of hearing me talk about my kids. (Or at least she never lets on!)”
77. “She still uses ‘real mail,’ as in envelopes in my mailbox for me and my kids.”
78. “She made me clean my room. Didn’t like it then, but now I appreciate the tidy streak she instilled in me.”
79. “She gives you cute nicknames that you’d only want her to call you.”
80. “Even though I’m an adult now, talking to her is still my comfort when I’m sick.”
81. “She plays word games with me on our phones.”

82. “She knew I was reading under the covers and let it slide.”
83. “She’s a fun storyteller with lots of family history to share…and she’s not afraid to give you the uncensored versions!”
84. “She’s the one who makes birthdays and holidays happy.”
85. “Together we can make fun of the rest of the extended family.”
86. “She still has the trophies I got as a kid.”
87. “She can tell how you’re feeling just by hearing your ‘hello.’”

88. “She prays for me. Though, I’ve probably given her too many reasons to pray for me.”

88. “She prays for me, though I’ve probably given her too many reasons to pray for me.”
89. “Sometimes I realize I’m becoming a lot like her…and I’m glad.”
90. “She knew when I really needed to be in my room with the music too loud.”
91. “When dad said ‘no,’ mom said ‘sure.’”
92. “She’s like a book club I was born into! Love talking about recent reads with her.”
93. “When life gets so stressful that I practically forget who I am, she reminds me.”
94. “Whenever moms do anything it’s just cute. Moms doing yoga, cute. Moms Youtubing just dance videos, cute. Moms and puppies, cute.”
95. “She has a hack for that—‘that’ being pretty much anything.”
96. “Mom hugs!”
97. “She always made sure I knew I was loved.”
98. “Everything she cooks just tastes better.”

99. “She’s my best friend.”
100. “She just ‘gets’ me.”
101. “Wherever she is feels like home.”

What are your reasons? We’re sure your mom would love to hear them! will be back up soon

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