New Year’s resolution ideas for groups

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New Year’s resolutions are pretty lonely deals. It’s just you and that thing you have to live up to. Ack! No wonder so many of us are less than triumphant. But there’s strength in numbers, right? So why not try making group resolutions! Tag your best friend, huddle up with your family, unite with coworkers…and let the new year begin with a whole roomful of good intentions.

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The buddy system can be great for resolutions, and a cool way to connect with your peeps. But before you stop smoking with your roommate, swear off chocolates with your sisters or decide to exercise with your family, gather together and make a plan:

Be crystal clear  

Write out your resolution, or create a slogan (10 pounds in 10 weeks). Make sure everyone knows exactly what the goal is and how you plan to help each other get there.

Have each other’s back  

Your success depends on having each other for encouragement, support and understanding. Your only job is to cheer each other on and be there to inspire good choices. It’s not a competition, seriously (unless everyone’s up for that!). For the most part, this is about softening the whole rough business of making changes…through companionship.

Keep track of progress  

Keep journals, post charts, or just check in with each other to see how things are going. Slip up? Well, that’s only human. Get back on track, and help others do the same. It’s important to feel like everyone’s working toward the same thing. Together.

Celebrate small wins  

Reward yourselves for good progress! After a week of smart eating, celebrate with a movie (and air-popped popcorn). Two days without biting your nails? Go out for ice cream! Keep a shoe box full of fun, goofy rewards—like new nail polishes, lottery tickets, baseball cards, funny toys—whatever makes you smile. Dip into these prizes to praise, motivate and celebrate progress.

Welcome individual goals  

Maybe you want the strength of a group, but you each have your own resolutions. That’ll work! Share what you resolve to do, and have others do the same. Cheer each other on, and give it a go. It’s easier to have willpower when we know others are rooting for us.

The New Year is here…so get with your people, and start fresh. Whether you meet your goals or not, there’s honor (and even fun) in sharing your hopes and plans with others.

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  • Penny Krugman Howard is a freelance writer who believes in the power of holding hands. She’s ready for the new year, full of happy things come true.