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Why New Year’s is the perfect time to update your address book

Address book with chambray cover on desktop with envelopes and office accessories

You know those little lifestyle or organization tips that you hear about and you’re like, “That’s so simple—why didn’t I think of that?” I’m about to drop one on you that I’ve been using for years. And if you’re someone who loves to celebrate the special people in your life, it’s a game changer.

So what is this super-special, but super-easy tip that you can no longer live without? Here goes: Update your address book on New Year’s Day. 

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Address books: They’re still a thing!  

After reading that headline, you’re probably doing one of two things:

  1. 1. Rolling your eyes and good-naturedly thinking, “Duh, of course they are,” OR
  2. 2. Quietly whispering to yourself, “Who still uses address books?”


If you did the first thing, we should be friends IRL. But if you’re more inclined toward wondering why anyone in this day and age would bother with an address book, I’ve gotta tell you—you’re missing out.

Why? Well, first of all, they’re charming. And that’s not my sneaky way of saying they’re old fashioned, either. I mean, yes, they’ve been around for a few hundred years. But that doesn’t change the fact that they’re little and cute and inspire quiet admiration from friends.

“You keep an address book? OMG, you’re so organized.” 

Second, because they’re so little and cute, address books are fun to shop for. Get one that matches your purse/bag. Or your office decor. Or what your mother-in-law calls your “kooky aesthetic.” (It’s okay. I take it as a compliment.) There’s nothing like innate usefulness to legitimize buying yourself something cute.

But even if you’re more into the digital scene, preferring to keep your addresses and phone numbers in your phone, the idea of updating them on New Year’s Day still applies. Let me explain why.

Address book with chambray cover on desktop with envelopes, phone case and office accessories

The beauty of timing  

I’ll begin with the most obvious reason. New Year’s Day is full of so much possibility—a clean slate, fresh ideas, renewed purpose.

But it’s also often full of regret in the form of indigestion, headaches and thoughts like, “Why did we open a second bottle?”

Updating your address book provides the best of both worlds: You get to do something productive that helps you get organized for the coming year, but you get to do it on your couch. Under blankets. While binge watching comfort TV and eating saltine crackers.

The next best thing about updating your address book on New Year’s Day? You’ll have either just sent or just received a whole bunch of holiday cards. That means you’ll have everyone’s addresses, up to date and on hand.

Hands updating address book with postmarked envelope nearby

Finally, what I consider the best reason to update your addresses on New Year’s Day: It sets you up for card-sending success.

No stressing out about whether you have their current mailing address when you’re sending a last-second card to congratulate them on their first baby. No spoiling the surprise and texting them the week before their birthday with a very obvious, “Heyyyyy just wondering if I have your latest address?” 

Nope, just the pleasant surprise of a sweet card that pops up in their mailbox at just the right time. All year long.