Mother’s Day traditions to start this year

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There are infinite ways to celebrate your special lady on Mother’s Day: A self-care spa outing, dinner at her favorite restaurant, peace and quiet for a WHOLE DAY. 

 No matter what kind of day she’d prefer, we think starting a new Mother’s Day tradition or two is the perfect way to make her feel extra loved. Keep reading to see 10 Mother’s Day traditions you can start this year to honor her and all the mother figures in your life in new, super sweet ways.  

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Reasons to start a new Mother’s Day tradition  

There are tons of great reasons why introducing a new Mother’s Day tradition is the ultimate gift, like:

  • You can make it personal to match the vibe of your family and things you already love doing together. Baking, playing board games, playing sports, traveling—whatever your family already bonds over, this is a chance to make it feel even more meaningful.  
  • It can be an opportunity to try something new and look forward to a new adventure each year with your family. 
  • You get to have a shared “thing” that only your family can understand. 
  • It’s a definite way to create memories the whole family can look back on. 
  • You can track changes in the family over time. What might start as something between two people can be passed on to new additions to the family—how sweet!
  • It’s something you can build and add on to over time as a family. 
  • It shows extra care and effort, a bonus for making Mom feel loved on her special day! 

Mother's Day tradition idea #1: Cook a meal with love  

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You know how food just tastes so much better when someone else makes it? Make Mom feel that way with a dish prepared just for her every year! There are so many fun ways you can switch this Mother’s Day tradition up. 

You can have Mom choose all the ingredients herself and watch the rest of the family come up with a dish. Or each member of the family can cook an entree, appetizer or dessert for Mom to rate. 

If you wanna keep things on the simpler side, have Mom pick a favorite recipe for everyone to re-create. If you guys aren’t feeling confident in your cooking skills, this can also be a night before Mother’s Day tradition, followed by taking Mom out on the official holiday. 

Mother's Day tradition idea #2: Add to her fave collection  

Chances are, Mom collects something, whether it’s intentional or not. Maybe she’s a hardcore superfan of a TV show and has all the latest merch. Or maybe she can’t leave the store without picking up a new Christmas mug (because who doesn’t need new Christmas mugs any time of year?!).  

Pay attention to something Mom really likes, then make it a Mother’s Day tradition get her a new one every year. If you’re having trouble choosing what to get, you could always start a new collection. Our Keepsake Ornaments are perfect for that.

Mother's Day tradition idea #3: Dedicate a scrapbook to her  

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This one is perfect for little ones or artsy members of the family—buy a scrapbook just for Mom. Each year, have everyone decorate a page however they’d like. Add stickers, glitter, googly eyes, pictures—the options are endless.  

This Mother’s Day tradition will be especially fun to look at over the years as kiddos get older and scribbles turn to actual words. Cue the teary eyes!

Mother's Day tradition idea #4: Bring Broadway to Mom  

Nothing says “I love you” like an entire performance dedicated to your existence. Surprise Mom with an annual musical, play or talent show, all for her. 

This Mother’s Day tradition takes a little more planning, but seeing her smile will make it totally worth the effort. If you need help getting into the theatrical spirit, here are some themes to start with:

  • Reenact one of her favorite memories, like a childhood moment she always talks about or something funny that happened on a family vacay. 
  • Do a mashup musical of her favorite songs including old and recent faves. 
  • Remember those fun classroom talent shows we’d do as kids? Have one for Mom! You can keep it serious and show off some cool abilities (dancing, singing, playing an instrument) or make it a silly stand-up comedy show. For cute points, dress up the family pet in an adorable outfit and give them their own routine!

Mother's Day tradition idea #5: PowerPoint Party  

Most of us probably associate PowerPoints with work or one of those terrible all-nighters in school when you procrastinated and had a huge project to finish before 8 a.m. However, PowerPoint parties bring ALL of the fun and none of the stress.  

People have used this new trend to present to friends on all sorts of hilariously wacky topics like their favorite exes or who in the group has the cutest cat. To make it a Mother’s Day tradition, have everyone give a presentation about Mom with different themes each year. 

Some topics to get you started:

  • Favorite moments with Mom
  • Mom’s best looks
  • Songs that remind me of Mom and why
  • 10 reasons why I love Mom
  • Top five sayings Mom uses

Mother's Day tradition idea #6: Self-care spotlight  

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If there’s one thing Moms deserve, it’s some time to bask in self-care. In honor of Mother’s Day, let’s add a fun twist to it! 

A week or two before Mother’s Day, ask Mom to make a list of self-care activities she wants to do. Brunch with the girls, a massage, a trip to the salon—whatever makes her feel good. Then on the big day, blindfold Mom (with her consent, of course!) and surprise her with one of the activities she listed. 

Mother's Day tradition idea #7: A card shower surprise   

We’ve all heard of breakfast in bed, but how about waking up to a card shower? Have Mom’s closest friends and family members get Mother’s Day cards for her a few days ahead of time. Once you’ve collected everyone’s signed cards, gather extras like balloons and flowers to make the moment grand. 

You can spread the goodies onto Mom’s bed for an early morning surprise or waltz into the room with everything on a cute platter. Either way, this Mother’s Day tradition is perfect for letting more loved ones show their appreciation for Mom from afar. 

Mother's Day tradition idea #8: Scavenger hunt  

If Mom loves adventure or mystery, challenge her with a yearly scavenger hunt! You can hide clues around the house that allude to favorite memories, fun facts about her or even details about her Mother’s Day gift. 

This Mother’s Day tradition is a great way to show how well you know her or reminisce on fun times together. If you need some inspo to get started, we’ve got you covered with these ideas:

  • Hint: “Find your favorite book to read to the kiddos when they were little and read what’s on the first page.” (Inside the book, you could put a sticky note about how you felt about her the day your first child was born.) 
  • Hint: “Find the one condiment you hate most and see what’s hidden underneath it.” (You could hide a cute pic or their favorite dried flowers under it.)
  • Hint: “Grab your coat…we’re going on a trip!” (If it’s nearby, you could drive or walk to the place you were when you realized you were in love with her.)

Mother's Day tradition idea #9: Choose-your-own-adventure day  

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Help Mom have a perfect, spontaneous day that feels full of love. Think of a few of her favorite activities, foods and gifts—for example, painting, burgers and mugs. 

See if you can come up with about three or four different options for each category. Then, display them all for Mom to choose from. Based on her decision, give Mom her ideal day planned just the way she likes!

Pro tip: Offer to be her chauffeur for the day. Let her chill in the back seat, control the radio and feel totally pampered.  

Mother's Day tradition idea #10: Mother’s Day countdown  

Add some anticipation to the big day by doing a countdown filled with surprises, treats and reminders why she’s worth celebrating. It’s a Mother’s Day tradition that goes beyond the ordinary—just like her love. 

Here’s how you can create a Mother’s Day countdown:

  • Leave a Mother’s Day card somewhere in the house for Mom to find each day.
  • Celebrate all week by doing one of the traditions we mentioned on separate days.
  • Make an advent calendar—we’ve got plenty of ideas for starting some and adding sweet personal touches here.

If you need help filling all those Mother’s Day cards with sweet messages, check out these ideas from Hallmark writers on what to write in a Mother’s Day card.

Remember, the way these Mother’s Day traditions are laid out is just a starting point. Whatever spin you put on them to make them personal to your family will make the day (or days!) even more special. So have fun and get creative when it comes to celebrating the glue that holds your family together: wonderful, lovable, magical Mom.

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