Ruffled crepe paper streamers

Ruffled crepe paper streamers
Ruffled crepe paper streamers add a festive flair to any celebration. You can make these fun and frilly DIY party streamers without spending a lot of time or money. Simply gather up some crepe paper streamers in your choice of colors and your sewing machine to make these pretty party decorations perfect for quinceañeras, birthday parties, baby showers and more.
Crafter level: Easy
Time needed: 10 to 20 minutes per ruffle

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  • Crepe paper streamers in 3 colors
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Wooden dowel (optional)
  • Polyester sewing thread


  1. Measure how long you’d like your ruffle to be and double that measurement. Cut all 3 colors of crepe paper to that length.

  2. Layer the 3 pieces of crepe paper together so that all 3 pieces will overlap when you feed them through the sewing machine. Tip: Put all your rolls of crepe paper on a wooden dowel to keep them from getting tangled as you’re putting them through the sewing machine (optional).

  3. Change your sewing machine settings to a tight tension and a long stitch and sew the crepe paper layers together from end to end. Don’t worry if your seam is not straight, it will be hidden by your ruffles.

  4. Once sewn, begin to gather the streamer into a ruffle by pushing down on the streamer layers as you hold the end of the top thread. Work your way down the streamer about halfway. Then continue this process from the other end of the streamer until your ruffle is evenly distributed. Tip: We found that polyester thread works best when pulling the thread for gathering the ruffles.

  5. Knot your thread ends to prevent the ruffle from coming undone. Then clip threads short.