Back-to-school craft: Make your own magnets

An array of our DIY back-to-school magnets scattered on a dark blue surface.

This time of year, moms are looking for every chance they can get to offer a few encouraging words.

Download and print these free back-to-school magnets to stick notes to fridges, lunch boxes, lockers, file cabinets and anywhere else they’ll get noticed. 

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A pair of hands is cutting out the individual magnets on our free back-to-school magnets printable, after it's been adhered to a magnet sheet.


What you’ll need:


If you don’t have an inkjet printer, you can download, print and attach to self-adhesive magnet sheets. You can find these at office supply or craft stores, or online.

Once you’ve printed the magnets (or attached the print to the sheet of magnets), use scissors or a craft knife to cut them out. 

Leave a white border around the illustration—you can make it as wide or narrow as you’d like.


Our free DIY back-to-school magnets printable on a cutting mat with a pair of scissors, next to an image of the finished magnets scattered on a dark blue background.


We like using the back-to-school magnets to attach cute notes (use these) to lunch boxes or bento boxes. 

And, of course, you can put notes—or greeting cards, artwork or particularly impressive test results—on the fridge.


Our free, DIY back-to-school magnets clinging to the side of a red metal lunchbox, holding a note that features an illustration of two pieces of fruit and the message,


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