How to wrap Christmas presents like a pro: basics, bows and more

A stack of creatively wrapped Christmas gifts in a variety of wrapping paper patterns and colors.

We’ve all wrapped a ton of presents in our lives, right? We’ve covered shirt boxes with wrapping paper, popped plushies in gift bags and stuck oversized bows on bicycle handlebars. Why do we need pro tips on how to wrap Christmas presents?

Because present-wrapping professionals have all the best tricks. They’ve figured out the easiest and most efficient ways to wrap gifts of any size and shape with picture-perfect results. They’ve learned the best way to wrap a gift box (with no messy folds or untidy edges), how to wrap odd-shaped gifts and ways to embellish presents with ribbons, bows and tassels. They know the best way to fill a gift bag with tissue paper and the secrets to making sure the cards stay with the gifts. 

Grab a holiday beverage, escort the cat from the room (IYKYK)* and scroll through these tips to help you wrap that pile of holiday presents. 

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How to Wrap a Box  

What you’ll need: Wrapping paper | Scissors or paper cutter | Tape: clear and double-sided (you can just use regular tape, but double-sided tape makes it a little tidier, if you’re that person)

What you’ll learn: It takes less than two minutes to show you how to gift wrap any box.

Our pro demonstrates a simple way to figure out how much gift wrap you’ll need to wrap your box, how to fold and where to tape, and an easy finishing touch. 

How to Put Tissue Paper in a Gift Bag  

What you’ll need: Gift bag | One or more colors of coordinating tissue paper

What you’ll learn: This may sound silly, but you’ll never put tissue paper in a gift bag the same way again. See how to conceal your gift in tissue paper for the big reveal, layer more than one color, and the “pinch, flick and twist” secret that makes the tissue paper picture-perfect.

How to Wrap Odd-Shaped Gifts  

What you’ll need: Cellophane gift wrap | Tissue Paper | Ribbon | Scissors or paper cutter | Clear tape 

What you’ll learn: The absolute cutest way to give a plush is in this candy-style gift wrap. You can use this gift wrap technique for a variety of soft, odd-shaped gifts like clothing, blankets and winter accessories…it would be just perfect for presenting pajamas on Christmas Eve. 

How to Make a Treat Pouch  

What you’ll need: Reversible gift wrap | Stickers, small bows or gift tags | Craft knife, ruler and cutting mat | Double-sided tape | Pen (optional) | Craft/hole punch (optional) 

Quick note: In the video, our gift-wrapping pro uses squares cut from cardboard as templates so making more than one treat pouch is easier. If you’re just making a few, you can cut squares directly from the wrapping paper.

What you’ll learn: It’s so quick and easy to make treat pouches and customize them for candy, small toys, homemade snacks and more. Try this DIY for giving party favors, classroom treats or any other little goodies that deserve a pretty DIY packet to upgrade their presentation. 


How to Tie a Gift Bow  

What you’ll need: Wrapped gift | Coordinating ribbon | Scissors 

What you’ll learn: Most importantly, see how to get just the right amount of ribbon to tie a bow on your gift. (Spoiler alert: Don’t cut the ribbon off the roll first.) Plus, our professional demos how to tie the ribbon around the box and finish the bow using a single piece of ribbon. 

How to Make a Gift Tower  

What you’ll need: Wrapped gifts in various sizes | Coordinating ribbon | Coordinating pom-poms or bows | Scissors | Double-sided tape

What you’ll learn: When you’re giving more than one gift, make a big impression by stacking them up. You’ll see how to ensure structural integrity for your Christmas gift tower (double-stick tape makes everything better) and top it off with extra flair.  

How to Make a Tissue Paper Flower  

What you’ll need: Wrapped gift | Coordinating ribbon | One or more colors of coordinating tissue paper | Pipe cleaners in a coordinating color | Scissors | Wire cutter (unless you want to live dangerously and cut pipe cleaners with scissors, which you absolutely do not) | Double-sided tape

What you’ll learn: If you’ve got a good wrapping paper stash, you are moments away from having a fancy but easy-to-make gift topper. Once you learn how to make a tissue paper flower (or get a refresher from a long-ago school project), you’ll want to put them on everything. 

How to Tie a Fancy Gift Bow  

What you’ll need: Wrapped gift | Coordinating wire ribbon | Coordinating narrow ribbon, twine or pipe cleaner | Scissors 

What you’ll learn: Find out the easiest way to level up your present with a fancy wire-ribbon gift bow. All you have to do is tie a double knot and fluff the wire ribbon into puffs—it’s so much simpler to make than the fancy result would indicate.

How to Basket-Weave Ribbon  

What you’ll need: Ribbon | Scissors | Clear tape

What you’ll learn: We saw this look for the first time in a vintage Hallmark pamphlet called “The Art of Gift Wrap” and love it for so many reasons. Along with being cinchy, it works well with different ribbon widths, types and textures. And because the result is flat, it’s great for wrapping gifts you plan to ship.

How to Make a Tassel  

What you’ll need: Scissors | Yarn | A box

What you’ll learn: The secret to a professional-looking tassel is a neatly wrapped neck with no-show tails. Take a peek at this video to learn how to do it, then make your own. You can experiment with different combos of yard and embroidery floss, change the tassel and neck lengths, or try skinny and sleek or fun and chunky tassels.

How to Attach a Card to a Present  

What you’ll need: Greeting card | Twine or ribbon | Mini clip | Paint pen | Double-sided tape | Greenery

What you’ll learn: A little creativity is all it takes to clip, stick and tuck a holiday greeting in with your present.

More ways to wrap Christmas presents  

  • Three ways to wrap holiday hostess gifts: A little bit of gift wrap, some tape and any attachments you have on hand—gift tags, Christmas bells, a bit of ribbon or a sprig of greenery. Watch the video for a wine bottle gift wrap idea, gift card wrap and cuter-than-average wrapped box tips to keep your card with the present. 
  • Three festive ways to wrap Christmas treats: Your gift wrap stash is the place for everything you need to deliver snacks in style. Get another take on the treat pouch—this time, no need for reversible paper. Learn how to wrap a tube of treats with the help of some wax paper. And coordinate your Christmas card with your holiday goodies by adding a matching gift wrap liner to the envelope.


* If you know, you know. We love our cats, but they are the least helpful gift-wrapping assistants we’ve ever met.