Creep out your Halloween cocktails

Creepy Halloween Cocktails & Garnish Ideas

Time to gather together for some frightfully good fun this Halloween. And while you’re greeting your ghosts and guests, hand them a Halloween cocktail delightfully decorated with one of our ghastly garnishes. From the cute to the crawly, we have easy (and scary) touches for whatever beverage you’re serving at your Halloween party.

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The shiver maker  

Creepy Halloween Cocktails & Garnish Ideas: The Shiver Maker

The eyes have it—when you use a dollop of whipped cream and candy eyes to make these peeping Halloween cocktails.

Eyeball highball  

Creepy Halloween Cocktails & Garnish Ideas: Eyeball Highball

The drink that watches your every move. This squishy garnish was made with gelatin, dissolved in some hot water and mixed with sweetened condensed milk, vodka and food coloring. Get the recipe.

The heebie-jeebies  

Creepy Halloween Cocktails & Garnish Ideas: The Heebie-Jeebies

Spirits rise with this ghostly ice concoction made from unsweetened coconut milk frozen in specialty ghost-shaped ice trays. The coconut milk is delicious with pineapple and rum-flavored drinks.

Blood draw  

Creepy Halloween Cocktails & Garnish Ideas: Blood Draw

Party-store syringes and cherry juice are all you need to turn an innocent drink into a bloodcurdling concoction.

The black widow  

Creepy Halloween Cocktails & Garnish Ideas: The Black Widow

A sinister sidekick for any drink, this spider is a large blackberry with shoelace licorice legs. Place in the freezer to firm up before garnishing.

Deviled Mary  

Creepy Halloween Cocktails & Garnish Ideas: Deviled Mary

Create devilishly cute garnishes from lime, pimento bits, serrano chili peppers and scallions on a wooden skewer. Use a toothpick to poke holes to affix the scallions, peppers and pimento pieces.

Witch’s brew  

Witch's Brew Halloween Punch Recipe

We floated carved, peeled apple halves in cider to create this cauldron of floating faces. We used some dry ice for ambience on the side. Get the details for this crowd-pleasing Halloween punch and more Halloween party food ideas.

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