DIY Halloween treat bags

Halloween Treat Bags

Using just a few odds and ends around the house and a bit of elbow grease, you can create your own pal to go trick-or-treating with—just like Dr. Frankenstein.

These Halloween treat bags and candy buckets are so cute you’ll have a hard time deciding which one to make. And they range from easy to more advanced, so you can craft these for your kids—or with your kids—to make their night of trick-or-treating frightfully fun.

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Monster candy buckets  

DIY Halloween Treat Bags: Monster Candy Buckets

Crafter level: Easy

Time needed: 30 minutes

Made from empty paint cans, these Frankenstein’s Monsters have what it takes to help you carry your candy haul home and then guard it from thieving parents and siblings (grrr!). To bring them to life, download our monster candy bucket instructions.

No-sew ghost Halloween treat bag  

DIY Halloween Treat Bags: Ghost

Crafter level: Easy

Time needed: 30 minutes

Craft this easy ghost from an old pillowcase—no sewing required. He has a wide-open mouth ready for you to fill with Halloween candy—if you dare! To scare him up, download our no-sew ghost Halloween treat bag instructions.

Pumpkin & monster Halloween treat bags  

DIY Halloween Treat Bags: Pumpkin

Crafter level: Intermediate

Time needed: 1 hour

If you like to make things from scratch, a bit of sewing and creativity can make these treat bags one of a kind. Scary and silly, these wide-mouth guys are ready to gobble up all the treats in the neighborhood. Download the instructions for these Halloween treat bags here:

Pumpkin Halloween treat bag

Monster Halloween treat bag

DIY Halloween Treat Bags: Monster
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