Play with Your Food: Thanksgiving Treats

Thanksgiving Treats turkey cheese ball

Thanksgiving isn’t normally the time for a lot of creativity when it comes to food: People want their old standbys, and they want them exactly the way they remember them. There’s a little more leeway, however, when it comes to appetizers and desserts. (Who’s really going to complain about an extra dessert option?) So read on, and who knows…maybe one of these fun Thanksgiving treats will become an old standby for your family, too!

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Turkey Cheese Ball Recipe

Turkey cheese ball

It’s time for Tom! He’s so cute you won’t want to gobble this turkey cheese ball up, but one taste and you’ll decide he’s to die for!

Pilgrim Hats Peanut Butter Cups Recipe

Pilgrim hats

Super easy and super cute, these little pilgrim hats are a sweet surprise at the end of the meal. (Or if you can’t wait, put them on guests’ plates for a “welcome to the table” pre-dinner treat.)

Pumpkin-shaped Yeast Roll Recipe

Pumpkin-shaped yeast rolls

Who knew rolls could be festive? This simple twist on frozen rolls will delight all those who gather round.

Potato Boat Recipe

Pilgrim potato boats

Don’t be surprised when these tasty potato boats leave mashed potatoes in their wake!

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