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Dear Mom

Write Mom a letter of appreciation

Hallmark staff
Dear Mom Letter

Mom. No one has loved you (or put up with you) like she has. Or maybe it was grandma, or an aunt, or another special woman in your life. Mother’s Day is made for telling these women how much they mean to you. How about writing her an old-fashioned pen-on-paper letter to express your gratitude? Here are some ideas to help you say it in the way that’s best for you.

Your “Dear Mom” letter can be heartfelt and meaningful, a me-to-you note telling her the impact she’s had on your life. Here are a few “writer’s block-busters” in case you get stuck:

  • What skills has she taught you? The big (how to read) and the small (how to perfectly iron a pleat).
  • What do you admire in her? Again, include simple (her wavy hair, her ability to laugh at herself) to serious (her dedication to family, putting herself through school).
  • What are your favorite memories with her?

Or your letter can be more playful, depending on her (and your) personality:

  • Make a list of famous lines from the family—things that Mom used to say (“Stop fighting!”) or funny phrases that spark a memory (“How are we gonna hide that?!”). Be sure to include a few sweet lines too—maybe words from a song she sang to you.
  • Write each paragraph from a different stage in your life. Start as a baby and what you would’ve said at that age—include funny things (sorry about that colic!) and earnest (nothing makes me cozier than snuggling with you in the big green chair). Try to include memorable details that are specific to your relationship. You can do toddler, school age, adolescent, teenager, college. This is a good way not only to reminisce, but also to say what might have gone unsaid at a particular life stage (teenager!).

If you’re not the formal letter-writing type, there are other ways to show your appreciation:

  • Make a DVD slideshow of family photos set to Mom’s favorite songs.
  • Frame artwork you created as a child.
  • Make her a small quilt of dresses and clothing her children wore. will be back up soon

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