Pretzowls chocolate-covered pretzels

Pretzowls Chocolate-Covered Pretzels Recipe

Our Pretzowls Halloween treat recipe will have everyone hooting with delight! You can't go wrong with a recipe that includes pretzels, chocolate chips, chocolate cookies, licorice and candy corns. Whether you serve them as appetizers or desserts, these yummy Pretzowls are an easy and pleasing addition to any Halloween party food menu.

Yield: 1 dozen owls

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2 cups semisweet chocolate chips
12 large pretzels
Package of mini chocolate cookies with cream filling (such as mini Oreos)
Chocolate licorice cut into pieces for eyebrows
Candy-covered chocolate pieces for eyes
Candy corn for beaks


  1. In a microwave-safe bowl, melt chocolate chips and stir until smooth.
  2. Dip pretzels in melted chocolate and place on a cooling rack over a sheet of waxed paper to catch drips.
  3. While chocolate is still warm, create the owl faces: Break open 2 chocolate cookies and place them filling-side up for the eyes. Add a chocolate candy piece to each eye. Add licorice pieces for the eyebrows and a candy corn for each beak.
  4. Refrigerate owls for at least 15 minutes to harden chocolate.