Our favorite back-to-school ideas for parents

A lettered quote for back to school that reads,

For kids, back-to-school season can be bittersweet. Getting shiny new school supplies and seeing your friends every day? Great! Waking up early and having to do homework? Not so great.

For parents, however, this time of year is perfect for those memory-making, photo-taking moments, along with finding ways to get your kids excited about a new school year. And with this roundup of back-to-school ideas for parents—think simple DIYs, the coolest lunch ideas and more—we’re making it full of fun and hassle-free.

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Four brightly colored paper lunch sacks sit on a white table top, each with one of our free, printable lunch box notes taped to it.

Send love with free, printable lunch notes

Surprise them on their first day back, a big test day, or just a Monday with these sweet little notes.

Three paper lunch sacks—a blue one, a yellow one, and a bright pink one—are decorated with cut paper shapes of different snacks, including watermelon, bananas and pretzels; they're sitting on a white countertop in front of a white brick background, with a container of mini pretzels, an apple, and a Just Because mini card sitting nearby.

Decorate lunch bags to brighten their day

Some cut paper, a few markers and a glue stick is all it takes to make these adorable lunch bags. Who knows what fun surprises wait inside?

An array of our DIY back-to-school magnets scattered on a dark blue surface.

Make magnets to spotlight their best work

Whether it’s a great work of art or a work of great effort, give it pride of place on the fridge with these cute back-to-school DIY magnets.

A finished back-to-school zine lays on a white marble countertop next to a tape dispenser, a yellow colored pencil and a pen.

Capture the moment with a back-to-school zine

This free, printable back-to-school mini booklet (aka zine) is a fun way to record their thoughts and feelings at the start of the year.

A teacher appreciation zine that reads,

Show some teacher appreciation with an adorable DIY

Guess what? We’ve got a free DIY teacher appreciation zine, too! It’s such a cute way to present some sweet thoughts to their favorite teacher. Add flowers for extra thoughtfulness.


Keep kids feeling appreciated, loved and encouraged all year long with these ideas: