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A (Very) Warm Hello! August 2023 Holidays and Observances

Looking good August

Is it hot enough for you? Well, we’re here to add some extra sizzle. It’s time to flip the calendar page, check out August holidays and observances, and start thinking about who we’re connecting with this month. We’ve shared some ideas to help you celebrate.

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Leo (July 23-August 22)

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Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Your Special Days in August  

Grab your calendar and a notepad. We’ve listed holidays below for you to add (and make lists of people you want to send cards, letters and gifts to). For your personal list, think about:


Time to stock up?

Do you need:

Friendship Day is August 1.

Friendship Day is August 6.

August is back to school time.

August is back-to-school time.

August Holidays and Observances  

All August:

Back to school


August 2:
National Coloring Book Day


August 6:

Sisters Day

Friendship Day


August 8:
International Cat Day


August 9:
National Book Lovers Day


August 10:
National Lazy Day

Having a son is one of life's greatest adventures.

August 11 is National Sons…

I'm so lucky one of my favorite humans is also my daughter.

…and Daughters Day.

August 11:

National Sons and Daughters Day


August 12:

Middle Child Day

International Youth Day

  • What is it? It’s a day created by the United Nations to encourage young people’s voices, actions and ideas.


August 13: 

International Left Handers Day

  • What is it? A celebration of lefties and is intended to raise awareness of difficulties created by a mostly right-handed world.


August 16:
Tell A Joke Day

  • Did you hear the one about how laughter is good for you?
  • A mom, grandma and son walk into a Hallmark store. Not a joke. Just a suggestion.
  • Browse these cards with jokes on them 
International Dog Day is August 8.

National Dog Day is August 26.


Let's hear for the bossy ones. Foe those loud and proud women who stand up and speak up and speak out.

National Women’s Equality Day is August 26.


August 21:

Senior Citizens Day


August 26:
National Dog Day

  • Celebrate your best friend today.
  • Shop dog cards and gifts https://www.hallmark.com/search?q=pet+dogs&oq=pet+dogs


National Women’s Equality Day


August 28:
Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day


August 30:
Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi)


More Ideas for August  

Saving cards and letters

30 ways to wrap and mail packages

Do you hold on to your most meaningful cards and letters? You’re not the only one. A shoebox will get the job done, but take a peek at these chic ways to put your favorites on display.

Roll out some wrap and send gifts in style

Roll out some wrap and send gifts in style

Sending gifts to your loved ones is an easy way to be creative and share your masterpiece with someone else. Want some stylish We’ve put together a list of fun and fuss-free ways to pack and wrap gifts.

Designer Josh S.'s two little girls holding back-school-signs for the first day of third grade and kindergarten, respectively.

Plan first-day-of-school pictures

Get this free printable and customizable sign for those first-day-of-school photos!

Mom and son reading

Show kids they can change the world

Back-to-school time is a great time to encourage our kids to do stuff that makes a real difference. New Little World Changers gifts and cards focus on values like being kind, brave and authentic.

August Celebration Planner  

A free printable August celebration planner page sits on a light yellow surface with a scattering of gold paper clips and a pen nearby.

Download this August Celebration Planner page to help you keep track of this month’s special moments. IT’S FREE!

Digital Wallpapers  

A laptop is open and shows a digital wallpaper with a bright yellow background and various bright colored shapes as its digital background; lying right next to it is a mobile phone with a digital background that features illustrations of art supplies like paint tubes, scissors, pencils, paint brushes, and paper scraps.

Let this beautiful design inspire you to create or DIY something. Download your free August digital wallpapers below.