10+ reasons to send or share a card and brighten someone’s day

One of the best things you can do is put more care into the world. And whether you know someone who could use some encouraging words or you’re just feeling the urge to reach out to loved ones, sending a card is an easy, thoughtful, personal way to connect.

We’ve got thoughts on who might benefit most from your kind gesture. We’ve got some ideas about what exactly you could say. And we’ve got tips and tricks to help you make sure you’re stocked up and ready to send a card any time of year. So get ready, because with all this inspo, you’ll be set to shower kindness on just about everyone with a card!

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Send love to a family member  

A card gives you space to say things you might not mention over the phone or on FaceTime. Tell your sister what she means to you, thank your parents for all they taught you or remind your grandmother she’s in your thoughts.

You could also slip a card under the door or pillow of the people you live with—your partner, your kids, or even your roommate. It’s easy to take one another for granted when you’re together 24/7—take a few moments to give a tangible, handwritten reminder of your love.

Reconnect with a friend   

Do you ever wish you made more time to talk to friends or prioritize your friendships? You’re not alone! Between pickups and drop-offs, dinner plans and daily to-dos, life has a way of getting us to postpone the things that really matter.

Try checking in on friends near and far with a card just because. Ask them what’s new, what goals they’re working on, what their kids are into, whether they ever went to the doctor for that janky toenail, etc. It could kindle a whole flurry of friendly exchanges. At the very least, we’re betting it’ll be a bright spot in their day or week.

Go offline with your coworkers  

Whether your team works together face-to-face or exclusively online doesn’t matter. What does matter is the extra effort that you took to share with or send to them.

Thank them for their patience. Tell them they totally crushed that presentation. Let them know laughing together gets you through the week. These are people you’re with for 40 or more hours a week—it’s worth showing that you care about them.

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Encourage someone who’s struggling  

This is one of the best reasons to send a card. Because when times are tough, knowing someone has your back and believes in you can make all the difference. Send encouraging words to a friend who’s lost their job, a mom having a hard time coping or anyone who seems like they need some extra support.

You never know…the card you send could be a comforting touchstone they read again and again, or an important turning point in their journey.

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Support someone’s grief journey  

Grief isn’t a linear process and it often lasts longer than we’d like. If you know someone who’s lost a loved one in the past year or so, chances are they’re still grieving. It’s also likely that, after the funeral, many people have stopped checking to see how they’re doing.

So send a card just to say hi. You don’t have to mention the loved one they lost. You don’t even necessarily have to ask how they’re doing. You can simply let them know you were thinking about them. Sometimes, that’s all a person needs to hear.

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Say hi to your neighbors  

Just moved in? Introduce yourself. Share a little about who you are, provide contact information (if you’re comfortable doing so) and let them know the kinds of things they can count on you for—pet sitting, checking on their house while they’re on vacation, moving heavy things, etc.

Lived there for a while? Find a reason to say hello. Maybe you’ve been renovating and want to thank them for putting up with the noise and mess. Or maybe you just had to compliment them on the amazing landscaping they’re always working on. It won’t be weird—it’ll be appreciated. I promise, I’ve done it!

Tell teachers they’re appreciated  

The educators who share their knowledge and examples with your kids every day always love a thank-you, especially at the end of the year—when little attention spans are short, a little extra appreciation is in order!

You could also find a former teacher’s address and send them a note to say how they influenced you. Maybe it was an English teacher who helped you find your voice. Or a shop teacher who showed you self-sufficiency. Or a math teacher who showed you that there’s always an answer to a problem. Hearing from you is sure to make their day.

Say thanks to the ones who help you  

If you, your partner, your parent or your littles are in the doctor’s office a lot, think about mailing a card to them—and be sure to include thanks to the nurses who patiently answer all your questions!

Is there a cheery cashier at the grocery store or a beaming barista at the coffee shop who always greets you warmly or remembers your order? Hand a card to them next time you’re in line.

And if there’s a small army of stylists, aestheticians and cosmetologists out there making sure you’re always putting your best face forward? I bet they’d appreciate a thank-you card any time of year, too.

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Wish someone well  

When hospital visits aren’t possible or you can’t get out to drop off chicken noodle soup, a get-well card is your surrogate. Let someone near or far know they’re on your mind and in your prayers. We’ve got tips on what to write—and what to avoid—in a get-well card here.

If they’re not going to get well, and are in hospice care, a card from you would almost certainly still be appreciated. We have special tips for writing to people who’ve entered hospice care here.

You can also write to caregivers who are coordinating the care of someone in hospice, memory care or with long-term illness. Caregiving is compassionate work that is often emotionally and physically draining. Letting a caregiver know you’re there for them could lighten the load on their shoulders.

We hope these card sending ideas and tips have got you excited to reach out and connect with the people you care about. 😊


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