17 Ways to Personalize a Card with Tuck-in Gifts

Greeting card with tuck in gifts on a white background

It’s no surprise we think cards are a wonderful way to support and celebrate each other. Getting a card in the mail from someone who matters to us is an instant day-brightener—and it’s even more fun to find something extra inside. Thoughtful tuck-in gifts are a meaningful way to turn your card into a present. Here are some simple ideas to get you started.

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Gift Cards  

Make this go-to gift more meaningful by choosing a gift card to a place that has significance. Is there a restaurant you love going to together? Or a neighborhood store you know they love? Whatever the case, make sure your message in the card reflects the thought that went into choosing the gift: “We’ve had so many laughs at this restaurant. Next time, happy hour is on me!”

Mini Cards  

What’s more fun than getting a card? Getting a card inside of another card! Make your own with a fun drawing and sweet little compliment or get one of our adorable Just Because Mini cards.

Event Tickets  

Who wouldn’t love to receive a card with tickets to an event they’ll enjoy? This can be a great way to show just how well you know someone’s interests and to surprise them with an evening out to see a movie, play, concert, sporting event, escape room…the possibilities are almost limitless.


We all know food brings people together. Try tucking a favorite food or drink recipe in a card that you know your friend will love or that reminds you of her. Be sure to let her know why you chose that particular recipe: “Until we can hang out on the beach again, I thought we could wear our sun hats and sip this fruity cocktail from the comfort of our living rooms.”

Greeting card with recipe and seeds tuck in gifts

Quotes or Poems  

Whether they’re words to inspire, encourage or make someone laugh, sending a quote or poem for a friend to stick on their fridge or hang in their office is always a nice way of saying, “I’m thinking about you.” If you’re feeling crafty, try hand lettering your own. Or if you prefer, you can print these quotes about friendship or encouraging words.

Friendship Bracelets and Pins  

Little handmade tokens aren’t just for middle school girls. They’re sweet gestures and wearable reminders of our closest friendships. Woven friendship bracelets, beaded pins or twisted bracelets will easily fit in most cards.

Newspaper or Magazine Clippings  

Sending newspaper or magazine clippings we think someone would find helpful or uplifting in cards is something people have been doing for ages, and it’s no wonder. It’s an easy way to let people know they’re on our mind (and let’s face it—a lot more personal than just forwarding a link).

Handmade Coupons or Vouchers  

Whoever first came up with this thoughtful and highly personalize-able gift knew what they were doing. Simply make one or more mini-gift coupons that your pal can redeem…from homemade cookies to a free hug.

Coloring Pages  

Research shows coloring can help lower stress and, scientifically speaking, just help us chill out. Include one of these free printable coloring pages in the next card you send to help get your friend to a calm and happy place.

Greeting card with tuck in gifts and photos


Everyone has a million pictures on their phone, but how nice would it be to print some of them out every now and then for your favorite people? (Besides, all those great memories deserve to be hung in a spot where they can be enjoyed regularly.)

Packets of Seeds  

Sending a mini-gift of seeds to someone can represent hope and potential. Or it could just mean, “I know how much you love tomatoes and thought you’d like to plant some!” Either way, it’s a lovely way to keep your relationships growing. (Yay puns!)

Pressed Flowers  

Send good energy to a friend by tucking a pressed flower in their card. It’ll be even more appreciated if it’s their birth flower, state flower or favorite flower of all time. Let them know the significance of the flower you chose, which will be an enduring reminder of your friendship. (Here are some tips for pressing flowers.)

Tea Bags or Hot Chocolate  

Tuck a tea bag or packet of hot chocolate in your card as a sweet surprise. There’s no doubt the person receiving it will think of you while they’re enjoying it. If you’re looking for ways to fancy up a tea bag, check this out.

Ribbons of Recognition  

This fun craft would be great for adults or kids to do and will easily fit in an envelope. Let Grandma know she’s The World’s Best or your bestie know just how amazing she is.

Greeting card with tuck in gifts on a white background


They’re the perfect tuck-in for the bookworms in your life. Bonus points if you find one with a special quote or image that’s meaningful to the person who will be getting it, and extra bonus points if you make the bookmark yourself. Include a short reading list of books they might like to complete this mini-gift. (You can print our animal bookmarks or try these DIY tassel designs.)

Handmade Zine  

A handmade mini-zine can hold a lot of meaning. You can create a short history of your relationship or reasons why you think your friend is incredible. It’ll be a tiny treasure they’ll undoubtedly cherish. (Check out this teacher tuck-in gift for inspiration and a template to follow.)

Party Pack (Balloon, Confetti and a Birthday Candle)  

How do you fit a party in an envelope? Tuck a balloon, a handful of confetti and a birthday candle in a card to create a send-able celebration. It’s a fun and creative alternative if you can’t be there in person.

Whatever mini-gifts you choose to tuck in the cards you send, be sure to let the people receiving them know the meaning behind what you chose. Now what are you waiting for? Go on and make someone’s day a little happier.