25+ Things People Who Love Christmas Know

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Does your heart skip a beat when you hear the first Christmas song on the radio? Does your Advent calendar start in June? Are you perfectly capable of entertaining kids from 1 to 92 from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve? Are you one of those people who love Christmas so much you might explode in a burst of tinsel and cookie sprinkles?

Then this list of things people who love Christmas all know should look very, very familiar.

How many are true for you?

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What Christmas lovers know...  

1 — The Christmas season officially begins the second you find the perfect gift for someone on sale—even if that happens in March.

2 — But OK, the day after Halloween is definitely the absolute latest start of the Christmas season.

3 — Thanksgiving deserves its own day, because pie.

4 — Nobody leaves a Thanksgiving or Christmas feast without a plate of leftovers. Don’t even try.

5 — Once the radio has been tuned to the Christmas station, it must remain on the Christmas station until the Christmas season is over.

6 — It is not only completely possible but quite enjoyable to go from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day and watch nothing but Hallmark Channel Christmas movies.

7 — One Christmas tree is never enough. Three is a good start.

Christmas lights and Christmas presents

8 — Every ornament has a story. And you’re going to tell every single one of them, if it takes all night to do it.

9 — With enough candles, diffusers and scent sticks, even your hall closet can smell like Christmas.

10 — Twinkle lights make everything better.

11 — It couldn’t hurt to make a courtesy call to the electric company, because your outdoor holiday decorations put the regional power grid at serious risk.

12 — The best mall Santas have their own facial hair. Give it a tug to make sure.

13 — Holiday road trips require a playlist, themed car games and Christmas snacks. Your minivan is the most festive thing on wheels. Oh, and also: There’s a wreath on the grill.

14 —  Everything seems more hopeful by candlelight.

15 — You may have to hang your stockings on more than the chimney to have room for the whole family. And pets. And plants.

candles and fireplaces

16 — There is nothing more satisfying than a fully stocked gift-wrap station.

17 — Except maybe a stack of beautifully addressed, stamped and ready-to-mail Christmas cards.

18 — When you mess with tradition, you mess with Grandma. Nobody messes with Grandma.

19 — Family, love, laughter, loudness and the tamale assembly line = best Christmas ever.

20 — With enough sugary treats and eggnog, you can coax every member of the family into matching outfits for the Christmas card photo. Even the cat.

21 — Peppermint sticks go with everything.

22 — A well-curated gift closet is your secret to last-minute thoughtfulness.

cookies and lights

23 — There’s always room for one more around the table.

24 — You have 30 pounds of butter and cream cheese, and you know how to use it.

25 — Your family shortbread recipe card is a sacred heirloom and must be treated as such.

26 — There is no such thing as an ugly Christmas sweater.

27 — The Hallmark Christmas movie marathon is not over ’til the tissue box is empty.

28 — Even the brattiest, stickiest kid is totally huggable in a tiny reindeer costume.

29 — It is absolutely, positively 100% better to give than to receive.

Holiday activities relaxing and being out and about

30 — Don’t be surprised when the kiddos play with Baby Jesus from the nativity set. We hear He’s a pretty nice guy.

31 — The best living manger scenes feature both real sheep and toddlers in unicorn costumes.

32 — It’s important to look good for the Lord on Christmas Day. Jesus wants you to get a new outfit.

33 — Squeezed close in the pew, in the car, at Grandma’s table—there’s no feeling like family togetherness.

34 — “Silent Night” has six verses. You have them all memorized.

35 — Santa loves a good plate of cookies—but he wouldn’t turn up his nose at a big glass of wine, either.

36 — Our Savior is the reason for the season. Amen.

Christmas sweaters and relaxing in the festive environment
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