32 sweet Valentine’s Day ideas for family fun at home

Valentine's Day at Home - family watching movie

Who do we love the most in the whole world? Our families. So we’ve pulled together all our best tips for making Valentine’s Day a big, happy love-fest for kids, parents, even pets. We’ve got Valentine’s Day ideas to keep you busy all day!

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Start your family fun at home with valentines  

Valentine's Day at Home - Valentines

Loved ones should get the most heartfelt Valentine’s Day messages, right? So we’ve got help making your family feel loved—whether you’re choosing from one of our cards or making your own.

1. Start the excitement on the outside by hand-lettering the name or trying Valentine’s Day envelope art.
2. Get some help with what to write in a Valentine’s Day card.
3. Tuck in a little something extra.

Make kids treats even sweeter  

Valentine's Day at Home - Valentine gifts

Bake Valentine’s Day sweets at home (we’ll get to that) or pick them up from the store—either way you go, we’ve got easy, inexpensive ways to add a little love to the presentation.

4. Wrap mini candy bars with our free printable.
5. Upcycle last year’s cards into adorable, tiny gift boxes—the perfect size for a truffle or fancy chocolate.
6. Personalize cute Paper Wonder gift boxes with ideas from Hallmark artists.

Wrap gifts up in love  

Valentine's Day at Home - Valentines

If Valentine’s Day at your house calls for bigger presents, try these simple but showstopping gift wrap ideas.

7. Trim it with tissue paper.
8. Turn gifts into animals with printable add-ons.
9. Sending gifts through the mail? Try one or more of these 30 creative tips.

Remember: Food is love  

Valentine's Day at Home - Valentine food

You can bake up some Valentine’s Day surprises in advance…or for more fun, get the whole family involved.

10. Whip up a heart-y breakfast.
11. Get all the basics of making and decorating Cupid-worthy sugar cookies from our resident expert.
12. Make cookies to look like your friends, family—even pets.
13. Turn your cookies into a bouquet with these easy tips.
14. Try one of these creative ideas for cookies, cupcakes and more.
15. Go the decadent route with recipes full of rich, chocolatey goodness.

Put your hearts into family crafts  

Valentine's Day at Home - Valentine boxes

Want to spend the day making? We’ve got ideas that will let everyone from toddlers to teens get creative.

Get crafty with these ideas:
16. Free printable Valentine’s Day coloring pages
17. Creative Valentine’s Day crafts for kids
18. DIY Sketchbooks for your Valentine

Make Valentine’s Day mailboxes:
19. DIY Koala Valentine Box: Make yours with our free template
20. Use our free printables to craft a DIY valentine box for school
21. Kids’ Valentine Box Ideas: Inspiration from Hallmark Artists
22. DIY Valentine Box

Create the cutest pet toys:
23. Pet Toys: Crafts to make your pets happy
24. DIY Holiday Gifts for Pets

Put the kids to bed  

Valentine's Day at Home - coffee

Once the little ones are asleep, it’s time to make things a bit more romantic—and we’re more than happy to play Cupid.

25. Get tips for writing a love letter that will melt your partner’s heart.
26. Your own handwriting is unique, recognizable and perfect—but if you’d like to try calligraphy, there’s no better moment.
27. Lead up to a night together by texting or emailing sweet or funny Valentine’s Day quotes.
28. Seduce your sweetie with an Adonis Cocktail.
29. Add a little zest to your Valentine’s Day dinner with these romantic recipes.

Valentine's Day at Home - Love socks