How to wrap Hanukkah gifts for kids

A pile of Hanukkah gifts on a table, wrapped in paper in varying shades of blue and gold, with a white ceramic menorah with blue candles in the background.

Hanukkah gifts for kids haven’t always been part of Jewish tradition. Even giving gelt, the most familiar treat, began as a gift for children to present to their teachers. The current trend of giving small gifts—sometimes one for each of the eight nights—is an American practice that began in the 1950s, influenced by Christmas traditions. 

If presents are part of your family’s celebration, we’ve got inspiration for how to wrap Hanukkah gifts for kids. These creative ideas are easy and make unwrapping part of the fun of the Festival of Lights. Read on for step-by-step directions and ways to make giving a meaningful part of your holiday rituals.

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Supplies for Wrapping Hanukkah Gifts for Kids  

  • Make sure you’ve got wrapping paper, tissue paper, ribbons and bows in the traditional colors of Hanukkah: blue and white or silver. Gold is also a great way to add a sparkly touch to your wrap.
  • Visit your gift wrap stash or craft room for scissors, clear tape, washi tape and twine.
  • Remember: Dreidels and gelt can be gifts and decorations.

How to Make a Hanukkah Surprise Gift Ball  

Supplies needed for our Hanukkah surprise ball idea include strips of blue tissue paper, blue and white cording, a dreidel, Hanukkah gelt, stickers and other small treats.

What you’ll need:

•  Tissue paper (cut into 2″ wide strips) or crepe paper streamers
•  Ribbon or bow
•  Scissors
•  Tape
•  A handful of little gifts (see above)

Hands wrapping a gold painted dreidel in a strip of blue tissue paper.

Fold the first small gift into the end of one strip and begin rolling the tissue around the gift. To make unwrapping it a game, start with the most fun or valuable gift. To make it more meaningful, add slips of paper with handwritten Hanukkah facts and riddles between the treats and toys.

A strip of blue tissue paper being rolled up to conceal additional small Hanukkah treats, like stickers and gold gelt coins.

Keep rolling and tuck in more gifts as you go. A couple of inches before you reach the end of each tissue strip, place the end of another strip on top and continue rolling, so your tissue never runs out. You can make the surprise ball whatever size you like. 

A finished Hanukkah surprise gift ball, wrapped with yellow ribbon and topped with a piece of gelt.

Once you’ve rolled up all the gifts, finish off the Hanukkah surprise ball with ribbon and a sticker or attach a piece of chocolate gelt for a little extra treat.

Add meaning to your celebration with these family-focused themes and gift ideas for the eight days and nights of Hanukkah.

How to Make a Star of David Package  

Stars in different sizes can double as decorations on a table or credenza. An easy way to make a Star of David template in any size: Draw an upside-down equilateral triangle, and add a right-side up triangle over it, making sure the points are all the same size.

Supplies needed to make a shining Star of David package include gold wrapping paper, blue and white cording, decorative package filling, gelt pieces and a pair of scissors.

What you’ll need:

•  Reversible wrapping paper
•  Confetti, tissue paper or gift bag filler
•  Twine or narrow ribbon
•  Gift tag
•  Scissors or craft knife and cutting board
•  Double-sided tape or glue
•  A handful of little gifts (see above)

A piece of gold wrapping paper cut out in the shape of the Star of David, with the reverse side facing up; on top of the gift wrap is a small pile of decorative package stuffing and a few gelt coins.

Cut two pieces of gift wrap into the shape of the Star of David, making sure it’s big enough to hold your gift or gifts. Place one star on the table, with the pattern that you want on the outside facing down, and pile your filler and gifts in the center.

Hands lie another piece of gift wrap cut in the shape of the Star of David on top of the first piece stacked with filling and gelt.

Set the other star on top of the gifts and line it up with the first star, then glue or tape the edges together. Before you add the tape or glue, make sure you can press the edges shut neatly.

A finished Shining Star of David package tied up with blue and white cording and a blue gift tag.

Wind baker’s twine or narrow ribbon between the points and finish the package off with a gift tag.

Toys On Toys  

A small gift wrapped in gold and brown Kraft paper wrapping, decorated with blue and white cotton cording and a blue plastic toy dinosaur.

Want to wrap a kid’s Hanukkah present to make it more exciting, hint at what’s inside or add an extra treat? Attach a little something to the outside of the present. 

Start with a wrapped box. Get creative by adding a strip of wrapping paper or wide ribbon around the middle, then layer with a twine or a narrower ribbon or strip of paper. Finish it off with a trinket like this dinosaur toy, a dreidel or a bag of gelt.

We hope your little ones have so much fun unwrapping these special packages during your Hanukkah celebration!


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