Valentine’s Day party ideas: Setup, sips, snacks and more

A pair of conversation heart magnetic plushes sits at the center of a table decorated for a Valentine's Day cocktail party.

We all know that when it comes to love, we should be showing our people we care in lots of little ways every day. But just like going above and beyond with generosity at Christmas or giving heaps of gratitude on Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to shine a spotlight on love. 

It’s a day we can indulge in a little pageantry. Make a big deal out of it. Throw a whole party in honor of love. 

Of course, if you’re gonna go that far, you might as well pile it on. And these Valentine’s Day party ideas do just that. Because if we can have tinsel-trimmed tea towels at Christmas and trivets shaped like turkeys at Thanksgiving, we can—and should—have heart-shaped EVERYTHING for Valentine’s Day. 

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Set the mood with monochromatic decor  

Looking down at a table set for a Valentine's Day party, with pink heart-shaped paper plates edged with gold foil and red and pink square paper plates. Cocktails and chocolate cherry cake truffles sit nearby.

Let’s talk table settings first. After all, that’s what’s going to make the biggest visual impression at any party.

For Valentine’s Day, it’s all about pink and red. Our Color Pop party supply kits bring these colors in a big way. Bright pink plates shaped like hearts and edged with gold foil. Or red and pink plates paired with matching cutlery and cups. Or both! 

Adding some subtler hues to this color palette—like a soft purple or a little gold—elevates the look. We used lavender-colored candlesticks and bottles, as well as some gold and white serving dishes to pretty up the table.

If you’ve got it, or you’re in the mood to go thrifting, include a few fun pieces of vintage glassware. The scalloped edges and interesting shadows add softness and sophistication the overall look.

Tip: Instead of scattering confetti around the table, use everyone’s favorite childhood Valentine’s Day candy—conversation hearts!

Craft some pretty cocktails  

A martini-style cocktail glass with a gold rim, filled with a red cocktail topped with a pink egg white foam and garnished with maraschino cherries on a cocktail pick sits on a table amid the remnants of a Valentine's Day party—plates, napkins, additional cocktail glasses, cards and gifts.

These Valentine’s Day party ideas can take your celebration so many different directions. If you’ve decided you’re celebrating Galentine’s/Palentine’s Day, or throwing a singles mixer, then a few gorgeous cocktails are definitely in order.

Get the details on exactly how to make our Cherry Vodka Sour cocktail here. And don’t let the egg white freak you out—it’s the key to creating the pretty pink foam on top.

Some other fun Valentine’s Day drink ideas include:

  • Rosé Slushies: Your fave blush wine plussed up with raspberries, lemon juice, simple syrup and of course, ice. Can you say “yum”?
  • Lemon Kiss Limoncello Cocktails: Tart, sweet and bubbly, this cocktail calls for just two ingredients (minus the garnish, which you can find the recipe for here).  
  • Champagne-Sorbet Cocktail: This one’s easy—grab any flavor of sorbet (something pink, perhaps?) and add champagne. Done.
  • Hot Cocoa. Make the sweet and smooth original, or create an adult version by adding raspberry, coffee or sweet cream liqueur.

Gather up some sweet snacks  

Chocolate cherry cake truffles decorated to look like real cherries sit in a clear blue glass dessert dish with a scalloped rim on a table scattered with the remnants of a Valentine's Day party.

We can’t resist cute food. Or chocolate. Luckily, both are perfectly at home in a list of Valentine’s Day party ideas.  

We love how easily these Cherry Chocolate Cake Truffles were turned into adorable cherry pairs using just a few craft supplies.

Looking for more sweet food ideas? There’s no such thing as too much chocolate—especially on Valentine’s Day. You can find all of our chocolate dessert ideas here. From spicy brownies to lava cakes, there’s lots to love.

Give cards and gifts that go with the vibe  

A gift bag featuring a pattern of cherries and hearts on a dark blue background sits on a table decorated for a Valentine's Day party, along with a set of conversation heart magnetic plushes.

People say “matchy-matchy” like it’s a bad thing. But when it comes to parties, giving gifts and cards that match your theme just make it feel that much more pulled together. It creates an immersive experience that shows just how much care and thought you put into it!

So, red cherry gift bags? Go for it. Adorable little plush cherries or conversation heart buddies? Um, definitely. And don’t forget to pair them with a card that lets them know just how much they’re loved all year long.

Make giving cards part of the fun with these ideas:

•  Write your guest’s names on the envelopes of mini cards and use them as place cards.

•  Create a mini card banner like this one. Write an affirmation in each one and have guests choose one at random.

•  Hide cards with different names on the envelopes around the room. Send guests on a scavenger hunt to find theirs. 

Get the conversation flowing  

Conversation Starter cards are scattered atop a table set for a Valentine's Day cocktail party and strewn with candy conversation hearts, cocktail glasses and plates with cake truffles shaped like cherries.

A party without good conversation can be downright dull. That’s why we created these free printable conversation cards. Just download, print on card stock and pass them around or have people choose one at random. 

Each question is relationship or self-love based, helping your friend or special someone voice their thoughts or feelings on a certain topic. A few examples:

  • Take turns sharing the story of how you fell in love. Details are a must! <3
  • Something I wish you’d appreciate more about yourself is _______.
  • What am I most proud of myself for?


Spontaneous hugs, choruses of “awwww,” and a few teary eyes are a possibility. You’ve been warned.

We hope these Valentine’s Day party ideas have you all atwitter about hosting your own soiree for the sweethearts in your life. If you try any of them, we’d love to see! Share your own event with us on social media by tagging @hallmark.

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