Cute and colorful DIY kids’ valentine box ideas

A group of valentine boxes in the shape of fun objects, including a camera, a roller skate, a rainbow, a koala and a dinosaur.

Ever look at kids’ valentine box ideas and wonder why they get to have all the fun? SAME. So we rounded up some supplies, called in some Hallmark artists, and turned them loose to make mailboxes for sweet little Valentine’s Day cards. 

Try a dinosaur, camera, koala, rainbow or roller skate with our free downloadable instructions and templates, or gather up the supplies and go your own way.

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A valentine box shaped like a red, pink and purple stegosaurus.

DIY Dinosaur Valentine Box

Get ready to roar with this dinosaur-shaped valentine box! The fun thing about this design is you can make him/her as realistic as your kiddo wants. Learn how to make it here.

A valentine box shaped like a camera with a strap and a heart shaped lens.

DIY Camera Valentine Box

We can’t get over the heart-shaped lens on this adorably nostalgic camera valentine box. Cute details like a ribbon strap and iridescent flash cube put it over the top. Learn how to make your own here.

DIY Koala Valentine Box: Make yours with our free template

DIY Koala Valentine Box

The heart-shaped nose and pom-pom ears make this koala valentine box extra cute. (As if koalas needed any help in that department.) Make this super-easy valentine box with the directions found here.

A valentine box shaped like a roller skate, decorated with pom-poms and glittery wheels.

DIY Roller Skate Valentine Box

Not that we HAVE to pick a favorite…but this might be our favorite. The laces. The pom-poms. The glittery wheels! Get the free printable with instructions for this roller skate valentine box here.

A valentine box shaped like a rainbow with clouds at the end.

DIY Rainbow Valentine Box

Rounding out our collection of kids’ valentine box ideas: This sweet little rainbow. Make it as colorful and unique as you’d like, just don’t forget the clouds. They truly make it. Get the instructions for this rainbow valentine box here.

Looking for even more valentine box ideas? We’ve got them for you here. Hope your kids (or you!) have a blast swapping sweet notes on Valentine’s Day!