15+ Valentine’s Day care packages for everyone you know

A Valentine's Day care package filled with gifts for a movie night in, including a Hallmark Channel popcorn bowl, wine glasses, cozy socks and a card.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romance. We like to think of it as a day to celebrate everyone you love—and even those you just like a lot. One thoughtful way to do that? Personalized Valentine’s Day care packages that can be mailed, dropped off on a doorstep or presented in person. It’s a really fun way to help spread a little love to all your favorite people.

Bonus: For every idea, we’ve made suggestions to level-up the love and make a Valentine’s Day Care Package extra special.

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#1: Happy Heart Day for your little one  

Grab a basket or gift bag and fill it up with things that will make your child smile, like this Special Delivery Plush Envelope and a card letting them know how much you love them. The more specific you can be about the many things you love about them, the better! Build on the theme (and make it extra sweet) by adding conversation heart candies and confetti.

Level it up: Include a pack of Crayola Sweet Scents Gel Crayons and a coloring book.

A Valentine's Day care package for a romantic date night, including a candle, matches, tea and a card.

#2: Create your own date night  

Set the mood for romance and watch sparks fly with these at-home date ideas. First, create a cozy atmosphere with this love candle (and don’t forget the matches). Then get things brewing with a cup of steamy Big Heart Tea. A snuggly blanket to encourage cuddling is never a bad thing, and chocolate just makes everything better, doesn’t it?

Package it all up in a pretty gift bag and you’re sure to make a good impression. And don’t forget the card! This one is sure to sweep them off their feet. (Visit our What the Write in a Valentine’s Day Card article if you need help putting your feelings into words.)

Level it up: Create a playlist of songs that mean something to the two of you and let that be the soundtrack of the evening!

#3: Nice things for nieces, nephews and godchildren  

Send the little cuties in your life the Today and Always, I Love You storybook and a card with a sweet message about how much they mean to you. Feeling crafty? Make a personalized bookmark to help encourage their love of reading. The adorable matching I Love You Singing Bear would be a wonderfully cuddly addition to your thoughtful care package, too.

Level it up: Include an assortment of Valentine’s treats (homemade or store-bought) or tuck their card into a cute plush.

#4: Fun and games for your siblings  

Give your siblings the gift of quality time with their family by sending them a fun board game or puzzle they can do together. If there’s a particular game you enjoyed growing up or a puzzle that would be meaningful or funny, even better. Include a card explaining why you chose what you chose and throw in some Valentine’s Day candy or homemade treats.

Level it up: Keep them comfy during family game or puzzle time with matching pajamas for the whole family.

A Valentine's Day care package filled with gifts for a movie night in, including a Hallmark Channel popcorn bowl, wine glasses, cozy socks and a card.

#5: Celebrating your favorite couple  

Whether they’re newlyweds or longtime loves, you can celebrate a couple you know by giving them the ingredients for a romantic night in. Fill our Hallmark Channel popcorn bowl with their favorite snacks and some adult beverages, then give them some date-night accessories with this Wine Night gift bundle—it has matching socks and wine glasses in cute Valentine designs. Amp up the ambience with a few candles in cozy scents, or have a fancy dessert delivered right to their front door. Heart-shaped pizzas are all the rage on Valentine’s Day, too.

Level it up: Add in one of our Signature Paper Wonder Cards for a pop-up surprise they’ll want to display long after Valentine’s Day.

#6: Perfect packages for parents  

Frame one or more favorite family photos or put them in a small photo album. Include a note letting them know why you chose the photos—and don’t forget to add how much you love ’em, because it’s always nice to hear. Adding mugs with items for their preferred hot drink (tea packets, bags of coffee, hot chocolate packets) would also be a nice touch.

Level it up: If they live in a place where it’s chilly at this time of year, think about including something warm and cozy like matching scarves or fuzzy socks or slippers. Bonus points if you make the scarves yourself! If they live in a place that’s warmer, matching flip-flops or sunhats might be more appropriate.

#7: Love for the whole family  

Sending Valentine’s love to a family you know and love? Add in a little something for everyone so they can enjoy the day together! Our Special Delivery Roller-Skating Pup will get the whole group dancing with his singing—he even has his own storybook. A puzzle is a fun and relaxing (and quiet) activity that everyone can enjoy. Send along all the makings for hot cocoa, including cocoa mix and heart-shaped marshmallows. Then throw in some Crayola crayons and fun paper—or these free, printable Valentine’s Day coloring pages—so they can make their own cards and valentine boxes for school parties. 

Level it up: Include a card for the family and a little treat for each of their furry friends!

#8: Made with love for military folks  

When someone who serves is stationed far away, they’ll no doubt appreciate anything that reminds them of home. Prepare one or more of their favorite homemade treats*, lots of photos, drawings or coloring pages from the kids and a note letting them know how much they mean to you. Keep the love notes going by including a package of Hallmark stationery and a few nice pens.

Level it up: Add in some cuteness with Val-themed socks or underwear.

#9: Great gifts for Galentine’s  

Show girlfriends some love with a bottle of wine and a card telling them all the reasons you appreciate their friendship. Include favorite snacks (microwave popcorn, trail mix, chocolate, etc.) so they can be fueled up and ready for your next adventure together!

Level it up: Help keep them cozy with a pair of fuzzy slippers or funny socks.

A Valentine's Day care package filled with donut-themed gifts.

#10: Celebrate the sweetest person you know  

Whether it’s your bestie, your sibling or the love of your life, they’re sure to go nuts for donuts. Pick up some fancy donuts and package them up in a cute box, then add in a coffee mug with some fancy flavored coffee or cocoa. This adorable donut card has a QR code that lets you attach your own video greeting! (It’s easy, we promise.) Then share a tribute to what a great pair you are with this adorable Better Together plush set.

Level it up: Pour on the sweetness with an array of their favorite candies.

#11: Love delivered across the miles  

It’s hard being far from a kid you care about on Valentine’s Day. But whether you’re a grandparent who lives far away, an aunt who’s deployed with the military or a parent who’s away on a business trip, you can still shower kids with love, even from a distance.

These Recordable Storybooks deliver a sweet message of caring, recorded with your own voice. They make great keepsakes for years to come. A T-shirt or souvenir from where you are brings a little piece of your world into theirs—and if it’s a candy or sweet treat that’s local to your area, even better! Pack it all up in one of our cute gift bags, then slip in a card to write your heartfelt Valentine’s message. 

Level it up: Include a Recordable Plush for the little ones in your life. Read our ideas for recordable messages here. 

#12: Lots of love for your college student  

Nothing says “I love you” to a college student like food. Send them some homemade cookies or snacks and an insulated mug with hot chocolate packets. They might also enjoy having some Crayola markers and Hallmark journals to write down their thoughts (like how grateful they are to have such caring parents). Add in a pair of cosy socks for fun.

Level it up: Include string lights for decorating their dorm room and a Heart Recordable Plush. Perhaps you could record a reminder to call home more often?

#13: Perks for Palentines  

Let your best pals know you’re thinking of them by sending them a T-shirt they’ll love (featuring a favorite band, celebrity quote, mantra etc.). On a budget? Go thrifting…you never know what treasures you’ll find. Include a card that compliments the heck out of them (because, of course, they deserve it) and toss in a few of their favorite snacks.

Level it up: Print up some photos of good times you’ve had together. On the backs, write why it’s a treasured memory and one reason why you appreciate their friendship.

#14: "Mickey Loves Minnie" for your fave Disney fans  

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are quite the couple—share them with an iconic couple you know. This adorable stacking mug set is perfect for cozy mornings in, and this metal picture frame is a beautiful display piece and a sweet visual reminder of their love. Get crafty and make them some mouse ears by affixing construction paper to headbands. Share some favorite movies or videos of Mickey and Minnie to make their Valentine’s Day complete, or track down a still from a movie and buy them a print! Then tie it all together with this cute card.

Level it up: Remind them of the magical moment they met with this gorgeous Mickey and Minnie snow globe.

#15: Something special for co-workers  

Sending a little something to co-workers (or leaving it on their desks) is unexpected but always appreciated. Consider giving a stress ball or something else to fidget with in meetings or on calls, along with a small note of appreciation. A reusable water bottle gives them a way to stay hydrated.

Level it up: Include a small relaxation candle to help them decompress at home.

Valentine care package

#16: Tuck-in gifts for Valentine’s Day cards  

Who knew you could send a care package in an envelope? We did! And now you do, too. This is perfect for faraway friends or when you want to send something special to a lot of people. A simple card that includes a gift card is a great way to go. Choose one from their favorite restaurant or store to make it more personal. Or tuck in a tea or hot chocolate packet as an unexpected treat. Including stickers or confetti is also fun. For more ideas about gifts to tuck into envelopes, check these 17 ways to personalize a card with tuck-in gifts.

Level it up: Create an envelope-size piece of artwork.