Free Printable Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages You’ll Love

Young boy's hands coloring free Valentine's Day coloring pages with Crayola crayons.

Valentine’s Day is all about love. Not just the romantic kind, either. More and more, people are using Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to celebrate all the loves in their lives. And one of the best ways to celebrate pretty much any relationship is spending quality time together doing an activity that you enjoy. And really…who doesn’t love coloring? 

So dig out your crayons and sharpen your colored pencils, because in addition to these cute Valentine’s Day coloring pages, we’ve got ideas for ways to use them in your Valentine’s Day celebration.

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A downshot of various free printable Valetine's Day coloring pages on a table top scattered with Crayola crayons, colored pencils and markers.

Color your heart out with kids  

Little kids don’t need a ton of convincing to color—just ask the walls in your house. And even the big kids at home will oh-so-casually grab a crayon if you put a box in front of them. So if you’re trying to think of a Valentine’s Day activity for all ages, coloring is a good one.

Want ways to make it feel a little more of an event for everyone? 

Don’t worry about going overboard on cute and sweet—now is the time!

Coloring pages for kids  

Create a coloring party for pals  

There’s something magical about coloring with friends. You’re doing something creative, but there’s space to catch up over meaningful conversation, too. It’s wonderfully relaxing and cathartic for everyone involved, and it makes it almost impossible for anyone to take coloring inside the lines too seriously.

Some ideas to make the most of a Galentine’s Day or Palentine’s Day coloring party:

  • Have everyone color the same pattern. Agree on a pattern from the free Valentine’s Day coloring pages linked below, then go to town. It’s fun to see how everyone chose to do things when you’re done! Or…
  • Provide lots of options. In addition to our Valentine’s Day coloring pages, put out coloring books with different themes and tell friends they’re free to bring their own.
  • Have several coloring tools around. From crayons to colored pencils to markers, you can find a ton of coloring options here.
  • Create a themed cocktail. It could be a “love potion” of your own design. But if that feels fussy, go simple and have a few bottles of bubbly or rosé on hand. 
  • Keep snacks easy to eat. Food that don’t require a fork let guests snack and shade simultaneously. Bonus points for things served on toothpicks.
A partially colored in free printable Valentine's Day coloring page on a red table top scattered with Crayola colored pencils and markers.

Have a colorful night in with your one-and-only  

Not sure how coloring could be considered a romantic activity? We beg of you…a little imagination, please! Turn coloring together into a cozy date night with these ideas:

  • Open up. Coloring with your partner also creates space for great conversation. In fact, it can allow you to be more vulnerable than usual—you can talk while being visually occupied, so no one feels like they’re under a microscope.
  • Add wine. It’s a fact: Adding wine to just about anything makes it more romantic. 
  • Share the page. Working on the same design means you’ll have to sit pretty close. (Wink wink.) Or, halfway through coloring your designs, swap pages and see how they turn out. Think of it as team building!

Use coloring as self-care  

We said Valentine’s Day was for all kinds of love, remember? And the relationship you have with yourself is one of the most important—if not the most important—one there is! After all, you’re only able to show up fully for others if you’re taking care of yourself. 

So if you’ve been feeling a little run down and need of quiet time, keep a few of these Valentine’s Day coloring pages for yourself. 

Coloring pages for adults  

Markers and pencils  

Tips for shading  

Want to try your hand at shading? We’ve got pretty great artists here at Hallmark, and they’ve got some pretty awesome advice to take your coloring game to the next level.

  • Simplify. Keep things from getting visually overwhelming by limiting colors to just two or three options.
  • Go monochrome. Pick a few shades of the same color (example: pink, dark pink and light pink).
  • Be complimentary. Pick three colors that are next to each other in the rainbow, like green, blue and purple.
  • Under pressure. Use different amounts of pressure to create darker areas, lighter areas and blend different colors.
  • Try pointillism. Use markers to make dots of a darker color (orange) to create shading on a lighter color (yellow). Look at you being all artistic!

What to do with Valentine’s Day coloring pages when they’re done  

Done coloring and not sure what to do with your new works of art?

Send the kids’ coloring pages to Grandma and Grandpa in a Valentine’s Day card! You could also send it in a card to their teacher as a thank you with a sweet surprise.

If you colored a page with your partner, put it in your keepsake box with all the cards, ticket stubs and travel mementos you’ve collected since you’ve been together. It’ll be fun to look back on several years from now!

Whatever you do with your Valentine’s Day coloring pages, we hope you have lots of fun and feel inspired to share the love.