DIY coasters

DIY Coasters
You know who they are: those sweet neighbors who ask you over to lounge in their lush backyard on brilliant blue-sky days, the girlfriend who offers impromptu ice cream sundaes at just the right moment, the people who graciously share their lake house on sweltering Sundays. For whatever occasion (or lack thereof!), give this charming set of beachy, sea-glass-style coasters as a little thank-you for fun times spent shooting the breeze. It’s a quick craft: The translucent squares are simply bulk bathroom tiles put to a new use, and then monogrammed with a bright white hit of paint. Just stencil the initial of your friends’ last name (or an initial for each family member’s first name), and you’ll create a special spot where friends can set glass after glass of icy-cool summery drinks. These easy-breezy DIY tile coasters are so fun to make, you'll want to craft a set for yourself as well!

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  • 4-by-4-in. glass tiles
  • Stencil in the font and letter of your choice
  • Spray-mount adhesive
  • Spray-paint (we used flat white enamel)
  • Clear spray lacquer
  • Self-adhesive cork pads
  • Rustic twine


  1. Apply a thin coat of spray-mount adhesive to the back of the stencil and press onto the tile.

  2. Lightly spray-paint the letter onto the tile and remove the stencil immediately. Once the paint is dry, rub off any excess spray mount with your fingers.

  3. Apply spray lacquer to protect the monogram.

  4. Attach self-adhesive cork pads to the bottom of each tile.

  5. Neatly stack the coasters and tie with a length of rustic twine.