Penalty flag treat bags

Penalty flag treat bags
Argue with the refs all you want. Our challenge and penalty flags won’t cause a kerfuffle because they’re filled with yummy treats! Fellow fans and couch mates can toss them to the ground when they don’t agree with the calls on the field and then pick them up and mollify themselves with the treats inside. This easy football craft makes 20 DIY treat bags perfectly suited for your next game-day gathering.
Crafter level: Easy

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  • 2½ yd. each of solid red and solid yellow fabric, or 10 red and 10 yellow cloth napkins
  • Rotary cutter, ruler and cutting mat
  • Ribbon or small hair bands
  • Small candies or nuts


  1. If using fabric, cut each piece of fabric into 18-inch squares using the rotary cutter, ruler and mat. If using cloth napkins, skip to Step 2.

  2. Add a handful of nuts or candies to the center of each square and secure with the hair bands or ribbon. If you’re using ribbon, tie it into a bow, not a knot, so guests can access their treats easily.

Jeanne Field

Jeanne Field enjoys quilting, killer sudoku and washi-tape hoarding in her free time—which she has more of now that her 2 kids are in college. She hopes to live 1,000 or so more years so she can make ALL the quilts.