Basic guacamole recipe

Who says basic has to be boring? We've included lots of tasty twists with our basic Guacamole recipe so you can add your own flair of flavors. Whether served as an appetizer or as a fajita garnish, this quick and easy Guacamole recipe enhances the rich flavor of Hass avocados with red onion, tomato and lime juice, while a dash of cayenne pepper sauce adds some kick. Serve this simple Guacamole dip with your favorite tortilla chips or try crunchy sliced jicama for a low-calorie alternative.

Yield: 6 servings
Nutrition facts: Per serving: 101 calories, 8.9 g fat, 6 g carbohydrates (4.1 g fiber), 1 g protein, 5 mg sodium

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2 Hass avocados, scooped out
2 Tbsp. minced red onion
½ medium tomato, seeded and chopped
Juice of ½ lime
½ tsp. cayenne pepper sauce (optional)


  1. In a medium bowl, mash the avocado.
  2. Mix in the onion, tomato, lime juice and hot sauce (if using).

Tip: Serve half of this as an appetizer and the other half as a fajita garnish.

Tasty twists
Add or substitute a small shallot or 2 to 3 garlic cloves for the onion.
Add a handful of chopped cilantro.
Add ½ minced jalapeno.
Add ½ tsp. cumin (or more, to taste).
Serve with sliced jicama for a non-greasy, low-calorie alternative to chips.