Fill a gift bag with flair, fluff up the easiest tissue-paper flowers, and put a twist on a bow. Watch the video for simple step-by-step instructions, or follow along below to learn these three impressive (but easy) tissue paper gift wrap tricks.

Gift Bag Filler with Flair

  • Start by stacking three sheets of tissue paper. You can use just one color, pick three to complement the gift bag, or use three shades of one color for an ombre look.
  • Fold the stacked sheets into a square, then a triangle, then fold each side in.
  • Cut the open end to a point or round it off. Make sure you cut low enough on your triangle to get all the layers in.
  • Unfold and spread the three sheets out. One sheet at a time, pinch the paper right in the center and pull it up.
  • Holding the pinched points in one hand, give the paper a flick and drop them into the bag.


Two-sheet Tissue Flowers

  • Stack two sheets of tissue paper together. Use two shades of the same color or complement the bag design.
  • Starting from one end, fold the sheets accordion-style.
  • Cut the folded paper in half. Set one half aside to make a second flower.
  • Tie a piece of string around the middle of the folded paper. The string should be long enough to tie around the middle of the folded paper and have enough left over to tie on or around the gift. (You can also use a pipe cleaner for this step.)
  • Use scissors to round off each open end.
  • Gently separate and fluff up the layers, then attach it to your gift.


Sprinkle Crinkle Tissue Paper Bow

  • Stack five sheets of tissue paper. Make a rainbow, use varying shades for an ombre look, or complement the wrap colors.
  • Cut the stack into five sections along the folds.
  • Fold each section twice along the folds and cut into three stacks.
  • Fold the rectangles in half twice—first from side to side, then from top to bottom. Tidy up the edges with your scissors.
  • String a sharp embroidery needle with enough thread or twine to tie all the way around the box.
  • String your tissue paper pieces together through the folded corner.
  • Tie the string around the box.
  • One square at a time, gently twist and fluff up the tissue paper.
  • Tuck your card under the tissue paper bow.


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